Out crusin'

Yesterday afternoon the sun came out and the shop doors opened and the time had come to take a test drive.
I smiled as I documented the speedometer registering at 2.8 miles.
It is amazing how many times I hopped in the Merc for a "quick" drive from the shop to the bungalow. .
and back.

The first stop was at the fuel station.
Normally. . .
I sit in my seat, minding my own business. .
but this time, I hopped out to  ..
document the first gas fill.

I recorded it of course. .
because fourteen years from now when the lil' farm hand wants to borrow Grampa's keys. .
we'll be telling him stories about how cheap gasoline was back in the day.  :)
We kept to the country roads.
We went home for supper in between.
I rushed to warm up some leftovers and. . .
when neither of us could stand it anymore. .
we took her out again.

I tried to load a video .. to no avail.
Maybe blogger will be in a more cooperative mood later and I'll give it another whirl.

All for now . . 
With love,


  1. What a great day for the two of you - all that work has certainly paid off, she's beautiful!

  2. What fun! I can imagine there there will be lots of fun with picnics and outings in that fabulous blue Merc!

  3. Oh what fun! She is a beauty!!

  4. Oh MAN!!! What a blast! Between the grill and your grins, the other folks on the road must have been blinded. Congrats to Terry on his fabulous work.

  5. My husband and I enjoy taking our vintage autos out as well. It feels like a mini vacation and is never long enough.

  6. Such excitement! And I noticed that even the Esso pump looks new -or newly painted - for the occasion. Yes, do load a video when you can, so we can feel what a leisurely drive feels like.

  7. Congratulations! What a thrill it must be for you and T to be out on the road in a dream truck! We would love to see it sometime.

  8. We've all been waiting for this day.
    I love the color and how much fun..taking it on a cruise to Harrison Beach.

  9. Oh...we've been awaiting this day for a long time! It looks good...sounds good...and now you are in for a good time. The sun is shinin'...and you can go cruisin'. Enjoy!

  10. What an accomplishment! Terry deserves a standing ovation!
    It looks beautiful!


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