color coordinating

Yesterday . . .
I called in sick with a tummy bug.
I watered my flowers . ..
and put out some lunch which suddenly did not look at all appetizing . .
and I took to the couch.

It was handy that a short novel had been tucked into the plastic bag of a Canadian Magazine.

Part way through the read ..
in a moment of clarity. .
I noticed how color coordinated my ensemble was.
I took a picture . ..
because you are  never that far from my mind either.

Our boys were over in the afternoon once their day job were complete . .
finishing off our Christmas gift on the hottest day of the year so far.
I called out for them to take pictures .. .
but alas. .
only the finished product will be shown another day.

All for now . .


  1. I was wondering if you always wear clothes that match the book...and then read your post...and smiled.

    Hope you feel better today...and can enjoy your 'new' Christmas present!

  2. Hope you are feeling better, and enjoying the delights of music...I'm sure it Surrounding your place...

  3. Oh we do love our outdoor music speakers. I know you will enjoy yours. Very well done on the color coordination :0)
    Hope you are all better soon...

  4. I do hope your feeling bad is nothing that lasts and that you feel better today.

  5. Lovella, I do hope the bug has left and you are feeling better very soon.

    You are so right about the perfect color coordination!

    Oh boy, is that a new Joanna Trollope novel? I like her work.

  6. awww...

    hope you're feeling better soon!

    Had to check the cover of my book to see if I match as well as you... nope I don't :) But I'm enjoying it just the same.

  7. I'm reading a book with a black and orange cover - should have saved it for October when I might be wearing something to match!
    Gutte besserung - I hope you feel better soon!

  8. Your mind must have been wondering from the pages of the book, that you discovered the color coordination thing. I just had to smile when I read that. Who but you would think of that when sick with the stomach flu? I try only to read books that coordinate with my outfits:) Can't wait to see the Christmas gift.


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