storytime in the park

On Wednesdays we have Ken come and do our eggs for us and so we often head out for a breakfast date.
We took two vehicles since he had a date with the Merc after breakfast at the wheel alignment professionals and I had ideas of my own.
He went his way and I made a quick phone call over to grandgirlies house to see if she would be available for a date at the park .. she was.
So .. we set off her and I hand in hand.
The playground was still relatively peaceful upon our arrival but soon we noticed that it was the place to be.
I overheard one mommy mentioning to her wee one that they needed to go register.
I enquired what they might be registering for.
It seems that on occasion the local early development people in the neighborhood set up story time in the park.
I wasn't sure if grammies were allowed to register their grands and so I asked and found it to be a register whoever you want type of event.
We sat together at story time her and I.
We participated in the parachute toss and stood in line for the free snack of a juice box and nutrigrain bar.
We sang camp songs. .
and at the end of the story time in the park ..
we were quite delighted at the offer of a free book.
Upon perusing the first few pages she announced. . ."I love ants" which I smiled since her daddy does not.
We walked back  to her house hand in hand ...her book under her arm.
I went home then. . happy with my blessing of the day.

In the evening we sat in our tent. .he and I. . chatting about our darling grands. .and how they make us smile.
I brought my notebook out to the tent to tell this story to you. .
checked my emails and comments from the day . .
and then I saw it. . .
a comment  on my post from yesterday . .
someone who regularly visits my blog. She had been there at the park and saw the two of us.
How very sweet of her to mention it .. I do wish we had met.

I had wondered in the morning if I wanted to come home after breakfast and get some housework done . .
but I sensed God's nudge in taking a little girl to the park.
I almost missed it . .and though I would have gotten that housework done and ahead on various projects I  would have never known what blessings God had all ready for me.

All for now.  .


  1. Thank you for sharing your day with us. I stop by regularly too and always enjoy your posts and miss you when you're not there to write :) I don't comment as near often as I should and for that I do apologize. As Denise commented in her last comment, did you even think you'd reach 'celebrity' status!? As a young woman and wife I am so encouraged by your life, the love you have for your husband and your kids and now your grands and the way you make your home such a beautiful place to be and your love for God. Thanks for writing! I hope one day I have the honour of meeting you in person and saying hi! --Amber

  2. How fun to stumble on that!!! Our kids have enjoyed "lunch bunch" this summer on tuesdays -- free lunch and a free book which we then take to the park. Very fun.

  3. Days like yesterday are precious - you're lucky to realize that. The work will be there, waiting for you, but the grandgirlie will be a day or a week older. There are some experiences/days that you just have to grab!

  4. Librarian me loves the idea of Storytime at the Park in the summer. Why sit in a stuffy old library when outside is just glorious? And good for you for being nosy/curious enough to ask for details from a stranger. Have you always been so outgoing with strangers?

    Playing hooky from housework always seems to lead to special times. Wonder is God really not so much on housework?

    There used to be a popular bumpersticker that said "My mother thinks that I am at the movies".

    Maybe we need a new one: "My family thinks I'm home doing housework".

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day with your grandgirlie! So glad you took the nudge!

  6. You're such a wonderful inspiration for me Lovella - I can hardly wait to have my own grandgirls and boys so that I can enjoy all these fun times!! In the meantime, I'm borrowing - we have 2 little adopted grandboys coming for an "overnight" in August and I'm looking forward to the fun!

  7. Ahhh to be flexible. Looking forward to the day when it'll be possible again.

    Your grandgirlie must love her dates at the park with you. And to have such a special event planned for you, too. ;>

  8. I love how you describe your loving relationship with your grandkids. Truly warms my heart.

  9. What a blessing indeed! I can imagine how you felt. Do they have these events regularly, I wonder? I'd love to go to .. with my grands, of course!

  10. :) It was a bit odd for me to see you in person, to feel like I know you and then before going up to you like an old friend, having the realization that you don't know me at all. I was the lurker peeping in your windows.

    Perhaps next time I will be more bold and not give in to those shy feelings. Plus now that I have commented (though you still don't know me) at least you know I am here enjoying every word and being encouraged by your optimistic way of drinking in all the good things in life.

    -- Denise (you're welcome to read if you like, though these days I don't keep the blog up as well as I'd like)

  11. What a sweet story. It would have been fun for your reader and you to meet. Kathy (MGCC)


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