Kanneloni Macaroni's Sweet Shoppe

Every girl should have  a fruit loop necklace to nibble on for her birthday ..
don't you think?

Her great Oma ...
who loves her so came to the party.

Every party needs a bit of hopping about. . .

I just had to smile every time she had to stand back up again.

She started out so clean. .
and as the party progressed ..
her sparkly  1 lost some of it's bright sparkle.

She divvied up the rollkuchen. . . .

 ..and the lollipop cookies that her mommy made.

She enjoyed a bit of watermelon with her rollkuchen.

Little kids were strewn about. ..
partaking in birthday sweets.

It was a kids dream come true.
The sweet shoppe was open for business .

Big people and little people all partied.

She had a closer look at the cake her mommy designed for the sweet shoppe theme.

Her Omi.

She passed out her Sweet Shoppe cake.

Her Opa offered her horsey rides.

She demonstrated her brand new candle blowing out technique.

The birthday girl got a bit sleepy.

The sweet shoppe closed.
The party eventually petered out ..
and off they went. .
each with their new toothbrush .


  1. what an adorable theme for a 1st birthday! The birthday girl's tutu was cute as can be. And the idea to hand out new toothbrushes was cute too...
    We did a candy & pretzel table at my daughter's wedding and everyone loved it! Hey, maybe I will post that!!!! Thanks for letting us visit the festivities...

  2. That was fun - a lot of work but worth it! Wonderful memory!

  3. It's been a while since I was at a birthday party - so I enjoyed this one. What memories all those little ones will have!

  4. What a great party with so many fun ideas! Love her tutu. Hats off to the party planner and the contributors!!

  5. IF this party doesn't make the newspaper's society page, I don't know what would.

    People will be conspiring all year to be invited to KM's 2nd birthday party. Check the guest list; there are bound to be paparrazzi and gate crashers too!

  6. What a 'sweet' theme....and sweet little birthday girl. Her mommy didn't miss a thing....and it looks like it was a party for a princess and all her favorite sweet people that love her. Thanks for sharing her first with us. Kathy

  7. What an adorable little one year old! It looks like it was a great party and fun was had by all. What a blessing for a little girl to have so many people in her life that love her so much. Thanks for sharing the day!


  8. Wasn't that a party?!! I liked what Betty said about the pictures - Eye Candy for your blog readers. I know a few little grandboys who would love to have that as a theme for their birthdays.

  9. One sweet year done! Love the theme ... especially the cookie lollypops! I laughed when I saw the clorful blur on the tramp. Happy Birthday KM!

  10. What a colorful party. The fruit loops necklace looks super large on tiny Kanneloni Macaroni. Happy Birthday little miss - "may you feel Jesus near every day of the year". Remember that birthday song?

  11. You all sure do know how to throw parties. What a precious little one! The cake looked so colorful and so delicious. The table had the look from a page of Country Living Magazine. I suppose your family is as talented and creative as you.

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  13. That is so cute Lovella...That dress made me think of a peacock...it's so beautiful the way she bends over and it just fluffs right behind her.
    It's such a blessing that families can celebrate these moments together.

    Levi just gave me the invite to make Levi's 7th birthday party coming up in Sept...just like last year...up at Manning Park. How much fun is this.

  14. What a fun birthday party...the theme, the cake, the take-home goodies...and most of all, the birthday girl in her cute birthday suit! Happy First Birthday to Kanneloni Macaroni.

  15. So cute! How thoughtful to have a toothbrush included in party favors.


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