about free books and dill

Yesterday as I recuperated from a rather uncomfortable prior 24 hours. .
I settled in the backyard under our shade tree with my book that I featured in my matchy matchy ensemble yesterday.
I only mention this because I want this to be a lesson to you . ..
don't get too excited when you are offered a free book.
As I neared the end of the book . .
I became suspicious that the ending did not seem nigh at all.
In fact.  ..
it was a teaser with an offer to purchase the rest of the book online. . .
and now I'm left wondering if they got their relationships sorted out.
Surely they did. .

Anyways. ..I walked past my dill yesterday. .
I wasn't sure if I was hungry for borscht or dill pickles.
What I can tell you though .. .
I wasn't about to do anything constructive in the kitchen.
We are having a  hot spell.
At 10:30 pm. . .temperatures still hovered at 28 Celsius. . .80 something F.
We cool off the old fashioned way.
out side in the cool evening air.
I only came in to document the hot spell.
All for now. . .


  1. What an unpleasant surprise that partial book must have been. I read it, though, and to be honest, it loses momentum and sort of dwindles off about 2/3's of the way through.
    Meant to say, yesterday, those pj's looked familiar - I guess Costco in your neck of the woods carried the same stock as our Island store!

  2. Oh ouch on the book with no ending. We got into the mid 90's yesterday. It's not often we sleep with no blankets and all the windows open. It's promising to be a lovely weekend...enjoy.
    I'll have to wait for borsch although we aren't against having hot soup on a hot day :0) A nice cold kosher dill pickle sounds pretty good! :0)

  3. Well... you got another smile out of me. Oh, and it's going to be hot again!

  4. It's too hot now!! So I want to stay away from the kitchen...just eat cold ready made salads from Hofstede's..
    Hope you are feeling better.

  5. I think it is hot everywhere except in San Diego. My family there tells me they are using heated throws to stay warm.

    "To be continued" is not an appropriate ending to a book!!!

    A little dill on a scoop of cottage cheese and a slice of watermelon would work nicely for dinner...

  6. Now that's frustrating.

    It's too hot for cooking here too. we are in need of cookies but they'll have to wait for a rainy day :)

    Love your 1 min video in the backyard - everything looks beautiful!

  7. What? It was a ruse? That would be seriously annoying and I'd be certain NOT to buy the rest of the book. Stay cool now!

  8. How annoying about your book!!! I'm glad you are recovering. What? 80's a hot spell? Funny how things are relative -- in Scotland 70's would have been a hot spell. here in Indiana it's 90's or 100. Where Emily is in Arizona right now it regularly reaches the teens, the hundred teens! Yikes!!!


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