Summer is definitely here.
We are enjoying the best of the best with those we love.
Some favorite summer sippers . ..
while we sit around the baby  "cool".
 (I love it when grandgirlie means to say pool. . but always says cool.  It makes me laugh every time.)

Is anything fantastic happening in your summer?
Is there something that gives you a chuckle?
Do share . .

all for now . .
with love,


  1. What a nifty little drink package. I have not had one of those, but just may pick up a few today. Stay 'cool'. Kathy (MGCC)

  2. I saw those packages at Costco. Looks like a yummy drink! I'm more partial to ice cold green tea myself!

  3. I will have to give those a try. I'm an iced capp girl myself but I don't like to think of the calories involved :)

    Here are a few of my summertime happenings - beach days, reading in the hammock, family celebrations, lunches with friends, berry picking and campfires. As you wrote - the best of times!

  4. I love that..."cool"
    Still busy with company down here. Fitting in some sights and plenty of food, etc. The dishwasher goes twice a day right now...
    This weather has been wonderful. My brother and SIL say it's reminding them of fall. They live in a part of So. Cal. where the temps are over 100 in the summer...

  5. Nine ducklings on the pond, and their busy little mama are making me smile every morning - especially after I do a count to see that nine survived the night - big smile!

  6. The instant starbucks is an direct answer to the prayers I have grumbled every time I have had to deal with used coffee grounds.

    This summer has been the best in years. I'm looking forward to tubeing down the river really soon!

  7. Enjoy your cool ;-)

    When my baby (2) says..."Mama we should bee-lax." (meaning we need to relax Mama.)

    This morning as I undid her braids, which takes at least an hour if her whole head is done (not my favorite job either), as I got to the last few she turned her head back to look at me and said, "Mama I lub ewe." sigh. too sweet.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  8. Same... grandkids ... what they say. Paet keeps calling construction on the roads "destruction" ... "Why is there so much ...?

  9. Keeping cool in the pool....I think there is some logic to grandgirlie's name for it!

    CT and I are looking forward to enjoying some beautiful Pacific Northwest weather and scenery for a few days later this week at a family reunion just a little south of your border. That is fantastic in my book and makes me smile this summer!

  10. Go Tata, Go Tata....I had no clue...then I realized he wanted to go in his Oma's Toyoto SUV!!!
    I love it...they are so cute!
    I'm trying to stick to Fresca or pure fresh lemon water....those calories are loving me....


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