Canada Day 2010

Happy Canada Day to you!
What ever you do . .
who ever you spend your day with. .
I hope it is just a lovely reflection of the land in which we are privileged to live.
I'm thinking this could possibly be the best one ever!

I'm off to make my wiener buns. .

All for now. .


  1. I hope it is the best ever...for you...for all of us. Happy Canada Day!

    How long till the fresh buns are ready?

  2. Happy Canada Day - hope you and your family have a good one - sounds like a weiner roast at your place tonight!! For us it will be beer can chicken and potato salad -to celebrate the day along with DH birthday and Father's Day that were missed when we were on holidays

  3. Have a wonderful celebration - my girl is coming home tonight!! I think it's my best Canada Day ever :)

    Your new banner is stunning!

  4. Happy Canada Day..we indeed are fortunate to live in this great country!

  5. My Dearest Constant Cooker:

    Make your own weiner buns on Canada Day? You must be making them in either maple leaf shape or possibly beaver or moose, right?

    (Don't you ever take a break from the kitchen???)

  6. It's looking like rain over this way, but a little liquid sunshine won't dampen spirits!

  7. Happpy Canada Day to your, Lovella!
    I so love sharing this corner of the world and country with you!

  8. Thank you. Happy Canada Day to you as well. I am enjoying being the only Canadian around and feeling so proud of it !

  9. Oh Lovella! That header is gorgeous! (If you cut your hair really short, put on a dirndl dress, and started singing, you would be a shoo-in for Julie Andrews.)

    I hope that you and yours have a marvelous, fun-filled day. This from the gal who just purchased her hot-dog buns from Wal*Mart. :D

  10. I do hope your "Canada Day" was wonderful and you can treasure many special memories in your heart.


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