Little Miss Muffet

We've been waiting for little miss muffet to arrive. . .
and she did. .
on saturday evening. . .
without causing much of a ruckus at all.
She's a darling healthy little baby girl. . .
weighing in at 8 pounds.. . .
and 4 ounces.

We've cuddled a wee bit. .
and she is home and enjoying the attention of her big sister.

We thank the Lord for this tremendous blessing.
Little  miss muffet. . .
we love you!

Let's review.  ..
first came Grandgirlie  and then 11 days later. . .
Lil' Farm Hand and his little sister. .Kanneloni Macaroni who just had her first birthday ...
and now ..
Grandgirlies little sister .. .Little Miss Muffet. .
FOUR. . . four grandbabies. ..

Woo hoo. . .

All for now ..
with love,


  1. And Miss Muffet makes four grands? Hearty congrats to you and yours...

  2. What a wonderful blessing! There's nothing like grandbabies :-)

  3. Two little girlies to sew for - heaven! Congratulations to everyone!

  4. Congratulations! 4 wonderful blessings from God! Little Farmhand is getting out numbered!

  5. What beautiful gift package and a new little grandangel! Such treasures! You are blessed! Congrats to everyone! Enjoy them lots - they grow up far too fast!

  6. What a blessing for all of you! Welcome Little Miss Muffet!!

  7. How exciting! God is good! Congratulations to both sets of granparents and the parents.
    Did you make both blankets? They are beautiful!


  8. Congratulations - how blessed you all are!!!

  9. What a perfect picture of you sitting on the deck finishing off the blanket. You have a special way of putting love into the things that you make so tirelessly.
    Congratulations to the birth of Little Miss Muffet.

  10. Two summer birthday parties back to back, and two winter parties back to back. Now that's a nice spacing for family fun. Blessings on the newly expanded clan!

  11. Congratulations!!!! Having so many brothers and sons in your family, it's wonderful that you're being blessed with girls now : )

  12. Congratulations to you! I know the joy of a new little one. Our world changes a bit with each birth of these special little ones. Wishing you hours of joy.

  13. Congratulations!! Sisters :) So sweet!

  14. Congratulations to you and the Mom and Dad! "Sisters" - may they be lifetime friends and a blessing to you as you watch them grow.

  15. Congratulations...again and again! You now have 3 little girls to spoil and love. I know you are enjoying each of your grandchildren. Love Kathy (MGCC)

  16. You still look too young to be a grandmother of 1 never mind 4! Enjoy!

  17. Congratulations again!! I'm so happy for your family.

  18. Congrats on the fourth grandchild!! What a wonderful blessing!! :)

  19. Congratulations!!!!!! I'm just catching up after church camp and it's a good thing I scrolled all the way down!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!! I also loved seeing KM's birthday party -- how fun!!!! Such a cute theme!!! And all executed so well. You all must be overjoyed up there!!!


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