Could you bring the rollkuchen to Kanneloni Macaroni's party?

Truth be told. .
I'd fry all day and all night for that girlie.
It's near bedtime as I post. . .and I've been on the go all day. . .
and all evening. .
I really planned to post Kanneloni Macaroni's  Sweet Shop 1st birthday party ..
but. .
this grammie is too tuckered out to do it justice tonight. . .
so I'll just wet your appetite and promise you more tomorrow.

All for now. . .



  1. Looks like you're going to be feeding a bunch!! I try to do rollkuchen at least once a summer, and did a small batch for dinner with friends just a few days ago. My problem is - somehow they're just not as good the next day - are there any tricks to making them stay fresh?

  2. My mother freezes them when fresh and then when she wants to use them she puts them into an oven that she pre-heated to 350˙F and then immediately turns the oven off until they are warmed and crispy again.

  3. :0) Now that's a good amount of rollkuchen! You were on your feet a long time. Hope you had a good rest...

  4. We can wait - but please just pass a little plate of rollkuchen over to keep us occupied until the party pictures arrive!

  5. go grammie. i have to make some this week. I have a watermelon that needs to become a feast. Kathy

  6. Oh you definitely wet my appetite...I had intended on making these this past weekend and inviting all the little ones over - only to discover I shouldn't have "saved" my watermelon as long as I was also too late to get a new one *sigh*.
    We're celebrating a special little birthday today too and maybe this Nana will just bring a special treat - finally!

  7. I'll be waiting. Amazing amount of baking you must have done. You are one good grandma!

  8. Such a lovely treat. Be glad you live in Canada where such treats will be enjoyed by children without guilt. Here in the USA our First Lady is working on making giving fried food to children to be considered as dangerous as handing a tot a cigarette. (eye rolling)

  9. The watermelon that goes with this meal makes it a fantastic lunch! My daughter served this on my recent visit - yum!


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