much about nothing

Some days. . .I just have nothing much to report.
I spent a good deal of time at the sewing machine yesterday. . .
yakked on the phone. . .thanks to the wonderful invention of speaker phone.

I had picked up  a wrap dress in a beach booth on Sunday. .
and my friend inquired about how the wrapping was coming along.
To solve her curiosity and then mine as well since she whetted it ..
I opened the netted sack that I brought it home in. . .
wrapped myself a bit. .
chatted and discussed the intricacies of how to wrap. . .
and then took self pictures to send her for her perusal.
Of course I realize that you also now want to see the wrapped dress. .
but you'll have to wait for a day when I'm a bit more over all. .

Sometimes. . .
while I'm doing much about nothing in this way ..
my beloved comes in. . .
and then leaves again. . .
seeing that luncheon. . .
is not yet being served.

I chalk it up to summer fun.

All for now. . .


  1. We can wait...but of course we want to see the new wrap dress.

    I'm smiling...about the one who comes looking for lunch...and has to leave disappointed on occasion.

  2. John knows that lunch will be on the table at 1 sharp. And if you believe that, you'll believe anything. :)

    Wrap dress? Can't wait to see it!

    Have fun in the sewing room. I'm waiting for mine to cool down enough to get back...I just turned on the AC.

  3. The sewing room will be the next project. I too smiled at the image of your guy coming in, looking for lunch. It's universal!

  4. So there is a wrap dress to see in our future...My daughter has been eying those so I'm curious. I'm also quite excited about what you are creating at your sewing machine!!!

  5. Funny what us girls can do while on the phone. Modern technology and modern looks. Kathy (MGCC)

  6. Of course we all want to see the wrap! I know you can make yourself presentable real fast... just watch the shoes. =)

  7. Now you have us wondering...from golf shirts to wrap dresses...I'm getting a bit worried about this new trend. At least a golf shirt is safe.
    My husband always leaves...I only cook when company's coming.


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