the mystery touri

The invitation comes but once a year.
Here we are...
my sisterbylove...Mary and I on the annual farmer's wives one night get away!

We boarded the bus after the ladies from Chilliwack had been picked up.
To the back we went.
If you know me..
you know that I do not do well with the back of the bus.

We stopped at Burlington for lunch at the Olive Garden.
See the two at the other end of the table on the right side?
Judy and Marg were also on the bus.

When they realized that my Mary and I were feeling swished around...
they offered up their front of the bus seats...
and took our back at the bus seats.


We arrived at the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle mid afternoon...
and checked in.

The ladies at the front of the bus arrived at the front desk first...
took our rooms...
and made it back to the lobby in record time.
We had a lovely city view!

Those sent to the back of the bus...
were last in line ...
and got the rooms left over...
the ocean view!

Bless them...
they deserve it.


Do you know about the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle?

Did you know...the Beatles fished out the window?
They did!

We ...
did not.

We could easily realize why they chose to stay there.
I easily settled in. 

See the line up?

Judy and Marg where in it.


While they waited in the line up...
we checked into our room.

I loved my bed...
(blogging from it now)

Not every washroom warrants  a photo.
This one did.

Maybe even two.

I even got a teddy to cuddle.

Miss you honey!

Back on the street we used our inner gps to find the shops.
We did.

One dress and one skirt are carefully laid in my case to travel home.

Those of us from Canada...
have our favorite stores in the US.


J Crew!

Sale rack!

The hotel?

Waterfront is an understatement.

It is late in the evening now.
We are tucked each in our own beds.
She is brewing decaf...
and I am documenting the days events.

Phone calls home to our most loved have finished...
and late night chats will soon begin.

The conversation is fairly typical between sisters...

What do we love most?


and friends.

all for now...


  1. What a happy "perk" in your career as a farm wife.

  2. Fun times. The friends with the ocean view are thinking of a breakfast by the sea this morning. Would you care to join them?

  3. It,s way too early...I,m good to go after I finish enjoying this view!!! It sure was worth the effort of tipping the staff at the front desk.

  4. Sounds like the perfect sister and girlfriend time. What a neat hotel...and you do have great friends...I know...they are mine too:)
    Can't wait to see your purchases. Hugs!

  5. What a nice place! sounds like the perfect one night get-a-way ... sister time, shopping, eating and enjoying the view. You didn't have that cuddly friend along a couple of weekends ago, did you? At least I didn't see him.
    So cute! Have fun! A dress and a skirt? and you still have today....

  6. Sounds like a very fun trip. And how nice to spend the time with family AND friends.

  7. First thought I had was Oh Oh is she sitting at the back of the glad you got to switch seats, (good friends do that for each other :) ) Sounds like a fab time!!!

  8. Sorry we took the ocean view at breakfast! LOL! I just took a closer look at your itinerary and you are having that wine tour right in my back yard! I hope they take you to Ste Michelle Winery...beautiful.

  9. You sure tell a fun story - love the quips back and forth with your friends.....what a blast! That hotel looks fabulous!
    Such a nice thing for farm wives to take part in - you all deserve a nice get-away like this.

  10. I always thought being a farmer's wife was a good thing .. now I know why!
    Sounds like a lovely time ! Love the 'bus seat' switching to avoid swishing!

  11. I am so thankful for friends who take the time and skill to so kindly share such fun, special events that God opens up for them. This hotel looks like one I would love to stay in. What an unique and welcoming decor. Sharing with a group of like minded women, must be so special. Thanks for sharing it all in an interesting way.

  12. What fun! Someday I want to get to Seattle, and Vancouver, and, and.......loved the plaid spread on the beds!!!! And I love J Crew too -- only not sure if I've ever been in their store! I order their catalog to look at and their sweaters make the best shrunken wool for flowers of all the brands. I keep a lookout at Goodwill. :)


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