Sweet Violets

The rest of summer....
they are torn out by their roots to keep them from choking out weak little annuals.
Everything has it's time...
and the garden Sweet Violet is raising it's little face at me..
beckoning a smile.

I obliged.

Today I am on an outing!
My sister in law Mary is waiting on the bus...
saving me a spot.
I expect to see a few other dear ones that I know.

all for now..


  1. It's always nice when someone saves you a spot...

  2. Enjoy your outing. Hope it is as nice there as it is here.

  3. So...hope you got a room with a view! :)

  4. I wonder who gave up her spot?????

  5. I'm sure you are having a great time....enjoy your sis in law and girlfriend getaway.


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