when he breathed his last

The Gospel of Mark chapter 15 and verse 39  tells us of the Centurion who stood and watched as Jesus Christ died on the cross.
He said..."Truly this man was the Son of God"!

He believed it...
and so do I.

If you have time this weekend and would like to explore the question of what really happened when God died on the cross....I invite you to watch the message posted here.  God is Dead.   That title makes me squirm.  When you realize that the payment for our sin meant a death... it is sobering.

It is 54 minutes and 7 seconds that could change your life....and death.

It's Friday...
but Sunday is coming!

all for now...


  1. I believe it too!

    Praise God for his mercy and grace!


  2. I believe it, too. So glad that Sunday is coming!

  3. But Sunday is coming indeed!

  4. Wonderful message! I listened while cleaning my desk as the audio portion wasn't matching the video portion. It was like listening to the radio...just lovely.

    On another note, I also enjoyed seeing the video, which I did watch because everything was matching up, on Hospitality. How fun to see you gals busy working in the kitchen for one of your demonstrations. I love how you've all stretched beyond your comfort zones and have allowed God to use you to do amazing things. A greenhouse? That's so cool!

  5. I'm a believer as well! I will take time to listen to the message.

  6. Thank God for Sunday! So powerful, Lovella! Thank you so much for sharing this. Without it, we would not be celebrating Easter this weekend.

    Enjoy the time with your family.

  7. Good post, Lovella - It's Friday, but Sunday's coming! I was reminded this week of something that our wise pastor, Jeff, said about why people fall away from following our Lord. It's disappointment. I can just imagine the disappointment the disciples felt when they saw Him die. When things don't go our way, when the unexpected occurrs, when after all our prayers our friend still dies. Disappointment. I think we have all gone through disappointment towards God. But... we didn't see Sunday coming! I shared this with my class this week. I hope that they will always realize, Sunday will come - even through their disappointment. Its a great ending to a fabulous story!

  8. Happy Resurrection Day, Lovella!


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