Easter 2012

As I was poaching eggs for Eggs Benedict...
they arrived in their Easter finery and though they were most darling..
no one thought to take photos...
since the Ham was already sliced and the asparagus was at it's brightest hue.

Shortly before they arrived I decided to change our regular seating arrangement that they have all come to expect.
The only way to do that sensibly is to point out that their names are set in stone play dough.

They thought the new arrangement was just fine and the table buzzed with lots of little conversations.

After lunch...
the two wee ones took to their beds while the oldest three grands and the rest of us took to the outdoors.

We rarely get an Easter Celebration with weather that fits the day it should.
Our day to celebrate was Saturday and it was most perfect.

The girls took what they decided was the safer approach to transport around the farm and I smiled at how the two of them sorted out who should drive.

After lunch was cleared away and the grands were busy...
the women in the family hid the eggs and what not all.

It took them some time to find all the goodies hidden all about.
I found an egg the next day...
and expect there might be a few more still waiting to be found.

Every now and then...
chocolate breaks were taken.

The oldest two did not take breaks. 

The remainder of the afternoon was spent in the backyard or wherever.
Paska was served with a fruit plate and coffee in the afternoon.
The oldest grands went in to watch the DVD called Easter from the READ AND SHARE BIBLE Jesus Series.

I had not previewed it and so I stayed close to make sure it was age appropriate.
It made me smile to listen to the four year olds discuss the trailers for future DVDs...
including a conversation about Daniel being tossed into the Tiger Den.

After naps were complete...
last two came out to enjoy the sunshine and do a bit of their own version of Easter Egg hunting.

The littlest fellow...
wondered where this tricycle had been his whole life.

After Faspa which was taken indoors...
they packed up and headed home and we tidied and flopped on the couch and said...
"it was good"...and felt so thankful for our beautiful family who celebrates the Risen Lord with us.

all for now...


  1. Goodness, is Oh almost walking at nine months? Your flock of grands certainly had a lovely Easter time at your place.

  2. They had such fun! The little man does look as if his eyes lit up over that trike. You are right, Easter rarely lives up to our expectations as far as the weather. How nice that you enjoyed such a day!(I still don't want to give up Paska for another year.)

  3. What a wonderful day at Grandma and Grandpa's farm! Beautiful weather and fun!

    It is special that you all serve the Risen Saviour!


  4. Delightful from beginning to end! What a blessing to celebrate the Lord with our loved ones...

  5. Your grands look like a flock of butterflies in their bright colours. What fun you had! Count yourself blessed to have family close by. It's obvious that they all had a wonderful day. I love that you made the resurrection story an integral part of the children's fun. Daniel in the tiger den? Wonderful!

  6. What a busy day. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun. We were so lucky with the weather all weekend too. Fabulous sunshine every day.

  7. A perfect day! Your are so blessed with all those beautiful, adorable, and precious grandchildren! And I love the "tiger den" story from the Revised Children's Version of the Holy Bible!

    Enjoy your day, Lovella! It is always a joy to visit with you here!

  8. A lovely celebration!! Our Easter far surpassed our expectations - because of Josie :) and we didn't even mind the weather (an Easter morning blizzard . . .)

  9. Wasn't it nice to have such a beautiful day to celebrate? We had the same even though we celebrated two weeks earlier. I love your candid shots of everyone just having fun being together ...

  10. You certainly had beautiful weather for your Easter family gathering. Lovely photos of all the little ones and the beautiful white blossoms. (at first I thought it was snow!) We had bout 15 cm. of snow here on Sunday but it's gone today. Blessings, Pamela

  11. Delighful...from start to finish. What a blessing to celebrate Easter with those who matter most! And then to have sunshine as well...such a bonus.

  12. Easter on a farm yard, with a John Deere no less! Luuuuuv it! Happy belated Easter!

  13. Your pictures are so cheerful!
    Your grands are so sweet!
    The weather looked beautiful where you were
    Thanks for this uplifting post today.........blessings to you all!

  14. It looks like you had a most wonderful family time. I enjoyed every picture...such precious little ones you have.

  15. What a special family celebration you all had! Your pictures of it were so much fun to look at, and reading your take on the day was even more fun. Thank you for sharing your time with us. You created more family memories for them to treasure in their hearts.

  16. What a lovely celebration!!! So fun to see all your grandkids hunting for eggs! Such joys!


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