putting up barn trim

The year after we moved to the farm in the mid 90's...
it became apparent that the barn trim needed some painting and so we set the boys to work during summer holidays.
I think they might have talked about it being a lot of work...
but with the eggs being gathered in the morning and late afternoon..
they had excess time that I needed them filling.
I chose not to show you the photo of them mooning me.
Funny guys.

So lots of years have passed since then.
They got jobs and left us to do our own trim painting and this year my beloved couldn't stand it anymore and decided to clean up  the trim.

We are not getting any younger and since we don't want to risk our grandchildren's necks in the next ten years or so by asking them to paint...
we decided to put up some aluminum trim.

It is safe to assume that he used up more food energy than I did during this exercise.
Up and down...
up and down...
Between watching him and taking the trips out to make sure he hadn't fallen off his ladder....
I wearied.

I did make sure I arrived in time to document the end of the row of the first of a series of sides of barns.

At some point...
he must have wearied himself because when I came out to check on his progress one of the west sides of one of the barns...
and he was just coming around the side of the barn on JD.

I asked him if he would like me to drive the tractor and move him back and forth.
I would like to state...
that I have never had a car accident and yet he still declined my offer.

this is the second time I have documented the clean up of the trim on this side of the barn.
No mooning.
He is mature.

all for now..


  1. Both John and I think that he was inspired. To be able to stand on something besides ladder rungs is so much kinder to the feet. That's a lot of trim! (And it looks fantastic, too.)

    (You know, I have heard that we love our grands more than we love our children. Your comment about not wanting the grands to paint trim even as you had those sweet young sons of yours doing it... ROFL!)

  2. Great ideas abound....aluminum and jd lift. Bet you rewarded him with a big cookie, big mug of footed and a kiss in his big mug when it all done...and maybe a couple of tylenol and a long foot rubbing session too.

  3. That's "big mug of coffee". Not mug of footed. How does auto correct come up with such weird word changes?

  4. I think my boys and your boys would have had way too much fun together!!

    Good job Terry - and Lovella!

  5. Oh, too, funny about the no mooning and him being mature. That's a lot of up and down work for sure. It does look real good, though.

  6. That's a good man you've got there. Conscientious and determined to do it "Hisself"
    I hope you make him a big bowl of kielke when he's done!

  7. I'm smiling at the shenanigans of your boys. It all sounds quite familiar! The never-paint-again trim looks fabulous! Good job, Terry.

  8. What a relief to be done with the painting and re-painting. We put a steel roof on the house some years back and were happy to know that we'd never roof again.

  9. Looks good! And evidence - we get smarter with age! LOL good thinking to involve John Deere! :)

  10. A sigh of relief...farm work never ends...we seem to find new projects every year. Its' so worthwhile to put up the aluminum. He will never be sorry, he will just ask why he waited so long. I was trying to imagine you driving the JD....


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