for the project

We all came home safe and sound yesterday.
There is so much to tell...
and I will share more.

It hardly seems necessary with Ellen's most wonderful summary.
You can find it right ...

You can also read Judy's wonderful recounting of the weekend here.

I wanted to say though...
that the most wonderful moment came when 
the folks from the auction booth called us forward and told the crowd they would be auctioning off some books with the money going directly to our Greenhouse project in the Ukraine.

To think that people bid hundreds of dollars per book so that the Greenhouse can be built was so emotional for me.  Such generous hearts!

When a man bid $1000...
I choked up.

He did not need our cookbook....
he needed to answer the call in his heart to share money he had...
with those that have not.

will forever be my favorite memory of the Fresno West Coast Mennonite Relief Sale.

We love you Fresno friends!

all for now...


  1. Have just come from reading Ellen's summary and I must say that you all have a unique and wonderful viewpoint. I read that a gentleman had bid $1000 there, but it didn't really hit until here. Many blessings on him and all those who helped in the cause. Glad that you are safely home and I'm hoping that you get a few days of down time this week.

  2. Lovella - it looks and sounds like you all had a great experience in Fresno! It's so heart warming to think that people care so much and share so much of their time and monies! Our annual M.C.C. Relief Sale here in New Hamburg, Ontario is huge and it happens on the last Saturday in May. It looks much like the one you were at. We are gearing up for this event and our church's Mission's Committee will be gathering local rhubarb to bundle and sell at the sale. The following Saturday we have our own community's Rhubarb and Rhummage Event - between now and then many people are busy preparing. All proceeds are for missions. Hmmm - wonder if we could get MGCC to be part of our event one of these years???? I might have to make a suggestion!?

  3. I choked up myself. It was a humbling moment for sure...

  4. Awesome!! God is doing great things with that book of yours! :-)

  5. I was choked up too when I heard about the $1ooo bid...I knew in my heart that it was about feeding those in UKRAINE.

  6. Oh, that we could have seen this weekend 30 years ago! Who would have thought?You just keep telling that story, Lovella through rain and shine! Oh, and I so enjoyed being your room mate... both on our beds with our notebooks... even with me nursing my cold.

  7. You girls did such a great job representing us and promoting our project - through rain and shine! Awesome!!

  8. I'm so happy tpo hear that the event was a success, Lovella!

  9. Sometimes all I want to do is hit the LIKE button - with emphasis! But alas, bloggerville has no such thing. Maybe an AMEN button could be invented? It is wonderful when the surprises in life are divine moments. :) Thanks for sharing.

  10. Well done! You four must have made an enormous impression down there!

  11. Love how the process of auctioning works, producing money for such worthwhile projects. Four good looking, talented ladies must have helped with it all too. Great job you all are doing!

  12. Wow...that is truly humbling! I can imagine it was a moment you will always remember. Our greenhouse project has so many peoples hearts attached to it.


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