Cracking eggs

Remember how I said I was preparing for Easter?
Yes...well....sometimes it means slowing down.

Yesterday morning I was pulling the yogurt out of the refrigerator for breakfast and hooked one of the legs of this basket.

You know the feeling when you are watching something in slow motion?

I am not a juggler...
but even if I was...
I would have had a challenge with the two and a half dozen eggs that were falling to the floor.

OH but there are more eggs and I might even get some help again.
The grands were ever so discouraged for me.
I sent them a text with the photo..

Grandgirlie said...."her must make new ones".
The lil' farm hand said..."awww...She broke them?? Now she can't hide them for me anymore? Awwww"

I had signed up for a casserole for 17 people tonight for our small church group.
Guess what?
They are getting potato salad.  

It's all good!

all for now...


  1. Waste not, want not! Good plan, Lovella. Love to hear just what the grands are saying.

  2. Oh, forgot to say, that the little icon feature makes your eggs look like the most vivid peanut M&Ms I've ever seen. It's why I rushed right over. ☺

  3. Oh how quickly something like this can happen, and one can't believe it when it does. By the way, if I was one of the l7 people, I would be so happy to eat the potato salad that you made, and I wouldn't even miss the casserole.

  4. Oh Lovella - this is such a delightful post! At first I said "oh no" and then I laughed at your conclusion - new motto "when life hands you cracked easter eggs - make potato salad" - love it! BTW your brown egg colours are so beautiful. I think I'll use brown eggs next time I colour eggs.

  5. I think the photo is absolutely beautiful...and so is the attitude.

  6. We've all had some of those kitchen blunders. I'm glad that you revised your egg crash for the potato salad. That will always be a story to remember.

  7. See...there is a bright side to every story! Had the eggs not been hard-boiled...they could not have been salvaged. Enjoy that potato salad...and be sure to share your story.

  8. Your eggs were such beautiful colors, Lovella! My first thought was to make them into deviled eggs...I love them that way. Potato salad sounds good too!

  9. I love the age when the grands use "her" for she ... I don't even look forward to it being corrected and then it is and soon the next one uses that expression.
    Okay... your Easter eggs are the brightest colored eggs I have seen. Have to get in on your secret!

  10. Now if you outlined every crack with a dark food safe color, they would look like stained glass eggs! Potato Salad sounds wonderful! Once cracked they do need to be used. Great solution! So glad it wasn't the Oster Torte! Did you get that on video? You could send it in to AFV! Have a Blessed Easter!

  11. I just knew you were going to be able to make something from those eggs!
    Do you crack eggs on Easter Sunday? We have a family contest after church. Each person decorates and egg and then tries to crack another's egg. The last egg with an un-cracked end is the winner.

  12. Sorry but alls well that ends well.

  13. Did they peel as nice as Julie's? At least you have a use for all those pretty eggs.

  14. Look what I've found -

    1. Karin...what an amazing thing you found. Oh would have been easier than potato salad. I think that is so pretty I just might drop them intentionally next year. I am going to remember this post and try it. Stay tuned for next Easter.


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