Going to fresno

The last time I made the trip to Fresno was when I was young enough to have pigtails and wear cute white plastic sunglasses.  I noted as I looked at this picture that my mom has a cute top and short yellow shorts.
OH..and we were eating watermelon on the side of the road with my aunt and uncle and two cousins who traveled there with us.  My Dad was holding the camera.

It is a long road trip to Fresno...
from here to there.
I wonder why we hopped off the I-5 and took a short detour to Fresno.
I doubt anyone explained it to me.

My brother Gerry was over yesterday and he remembered that we visited an underground house that a man made.  It was already turned into a tourist attraction by that point so I doubt I will be visiting it again.
We were on our way to visit my aunt and uncle and cousin who lived in Burbank...
and also  quite importantly to see Disneyland.

This time...
I'm flying out of YVR on an airplane  to land at FAT and guess who is going with me?
Anneliese....Judy...and Ellen.

We are heading down to the West Coast MCC sale.
Do you live near there?
Oh...do come and say hi!

One thing is for sure...
once again..
there will be watermelon close by because we will be rolling out rollkuchen!

all for now...


  1. Cutest post ever! Oh come on...put your hair up in pigtails just for old time's sake?

    Wish your mom and dad were going with you this time too. Wouldn't they have gotten such a kick out of all your doings.

  2. What a darling photo! I can tell exactly what your family thinks of watermelon, too.

    Have a blast, Ladies. May you meet a lot of great people, sell a lot of cookbooks, and have a great time doing it. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. What a great picture!!! These moments in time are so special and I enjoy reading your musings about them!
    Safe travels and have a wonderful time........can't wait to see and read all about it!

  4. Love the pigtails and glasses!!

  5. What a great shot of a sunny moment in time!
    I wish all of you a good trip and I KNOW you'll have lots of fun and laughs!

  6. I love how you pull old photos out to suit your subject! I'm sure it brought back many warm memories.
    Enjoy your time there - I know everyone will enjoy hearing our story and watching you gals cook. We're all rooting for you back here.

  7. What a fantastic photo! A classic snapshot in time.
    I hope you have a great trip. I'm about a six-hour drive from Fresno, I wish I was closer because I would definitely come! I'm so inspired by this amazing journey that you're on.
    Have a wonderful time! The folks of Fresno are lucky to have you!

  8. Oh, you'll be so close to me! Relatively...only 3 hours by car! I wish I had time to drive up to Fresno!

  9. Those are the best memories.....this one got my heart. I'm thanking God that He gave you such an incredible home to grow up in. You and me.....we have lots of thanking to do! So cute.....those white glasses and pig tales.


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