Thursday, April 12, 2012

At YVR waiting to board to Fresno!

All is well. Anneliese was even given ample opportunity to share our story with customs! We've had our lunch and are relaxing.


  1. Oh-oh. Poor Anneliese! Yes, Lovella, I have learned to see past those euphemisms of yours. =D

  2. Have a wonderful time in the sun (or is it raining there right now? UGH!) I am certain you will have a great time despite any type of weather. Music and Food are the great bridges of all societies - happy bridging. :)

  3. And such lovely advertising for Starbucks!! Have fun - of course you'll be a blessing!

  4. Hanging out at the "Inn" waiting for y'all to arrive.

  5. As I take time to pray this week the three of you and our Ellen girl are on my list. My support, love and prayers are will you as you share our story, and meet many wonderful people along the way!


Thank you!

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