in Seattle

 I don't usually post blogs after midnight.
I was showing my beloved the photos from the girls get away...
and smiled when I saw these.

It was just as easy to publish them than to close the computer.
While he turned out the lights...
I typed quick...

to leave you with a glimpse.

More to come!

all for now.. 


  1. Beautiful photos! Beautiful ladies...

  2. Seattle was charmed by you ladies I am sure! If it was 100 years ago we'd be reading about Mrs. Terry S. and her friends coming to visit in the society page.

  3. I'm a bit envious of you. I haven't been following your post long, but there have been at least 3 trips so far. I love to travel and some day I will get my chance!

  4. Oh, what fun. A trip to Seattle...and good friends to share the journey with!

  5. Such fun times!! A very refreshing break for you all.

  6. Such a fun girl time! Thanks for sharing.

  7. What fun - and what good company!

  8. Love the photo of my two cousins ! and the photo of my two friends ! smile

  9. I also have to say, what a beautful photo of you with your sister-by-love
    . . . as well as the one of Judy and Marg, I had to double check to see if really was Marg. What happened to her glasses?

  10. Cheers to friendship and happy times together, Lovella!


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