Kevin and Rose

Do the girls look happy there?
Well...they were.

We were just about to have some dinner together at one of the many amazing Fresno restaurants.
The sun came out Saturday afternoon and our hearts were warmed through.

There was so much that I loved about that sale.
It was a pity I only figured out their coffee sale system during the last hour.
You give them your ticket...tell them which coffee you would enjoy....
and they set their coffee system to work.

The coffee is dripped through to your side.  When the coffee finishing it's drip...
you take your fresh dripped coffee.
Isn't that a great system?

Special mention goes to their Peppernuts too.
I'll be trying to make a few of their various varieties.
I don't think there is a rule about waiting until Christmas...
especially if it doesn't have the traditional spices.

When we got to the University grounds where the sale was being held...
we wondered where on earth we would find Kevin who was our contact person and also the board chairman for the sale.

It was raining in a ridiculous fashion and we were not dressed for wet coast weather.
It didn't take long and Kevin was located and came in his rain gear to say Hi!
He found us a parking spot next to the building and invited us to a tour.

Next to the building?
Yes.... we all kind of giggled.  We felt like we were pretending to be important.

We sure did appreciate Kevin.
For someone who had a lot on his mind...
rain being a big part of that...
he was gracious and (I said to my beloved....attentive...always asking if we needed anything).
His easy going nature was so reassuring for us and put us at ease for our presentations.

When I called home it was so nice to say we were being looked after so well.
Husbands at home...
appreciate knowing such things. its best.

You know what they say...
about every good man has a wife by his side?
(or something like that)

I wanted to tell you about Rose.
Rose is Kevin's wife.
She is  the blond smiling lady...standing next to Anneliese.

We had chatted on the phone a few weeks before the sale.
I knew we would get along just fine...
and I was right about that.

She made up those darling aprons for her family and we all had a picture taken together.
On Saturday morning...
Rose ran around doing errands and in the midst of all that...
took down our ingredient list for our Rollkuchen demonstration.

She ensured that the kitchen was prepared for us and had our ingredients ready.
She found us often during the sale...
ate lunch with us...
and introduced us around to her friends.

I felt as we left...
that we truly had made new friends.

They are lovely people ...
Kevin and Rose..
and I am so thankful that God brought them into the lives of a few Mennonite Girls.

all for now...


  1. Sounds like you made some new friends....and really had an enjoyable time. Rain and all!

  2. Yes, I do think we made some new life long friends. I enjoyed your recap of the hospitality we enjoyed, Lovella.

  3. all you said. Kevin and Rose were the best of hosts at the West Coast MCC Sale! What a good time we had.

  4. It's always wonderful when the right people are on the job. I'm glad that you were made to feel so welcome as well you should be and, of course, the stars of the show get to park on the side of the building!

  5. I enjoy reading your blog regularly, a great blessing. I'm involved with another of the larger relief sales in the states and I'm curious; are you open to participating in some way in other MCC relief sales?

  6. It sounds like a lovely weekend, for a very good cause. I'm glad that things went so well and that the rain didn't ruin things!

  7. It makes an event so much more enjoyable when the promoters truly care about your needs. It makes you want to return again and again.

  8. How wonderful to find new friends in such capable and thoughtful hosts.


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