is it an H or an N?

During our Easter celebrations..
the lil' farm hand pointed out that there could be an "H" almost if the tree was more straight across. could be almost an "N".

When the grands notice trees are not standing straight anymore it is time to take action.
On Easter Monday afternoon we headed out to the field and commenced the removal of dead wood.

As is our custom..
we both had our jobs.
He "did"...and I documented.

I've watched him work enough over the last 34 years to know he is good at this sort of stuff.
I then started to think about the years he used to go out cutting firewood with his Dad.

His Dad worked in an excavating pit and before a section of land was cleared to excavate...
his Dad would hurry ahead and cut down trees during the weekends.
My beloved of course was conscripted and would come home with stories that in our home anyways became legends of the wood cutting episodes.

It was the white birch that was the wood of choice and so Dad would go ahead through the brush ...
chainsaw in hand and buzz down the trees and cut them into four foot logs.
The son's job was to get those logs through the ditches and swampy parts back to the truck.

It all sounded so far fetched...
so one time I went along to "help".
We were yet at that point empty nesters (first go around)...
and we had nothing but time on our hands on days off so it seemed like an adventure.

They buzzed...
and hauled and then back at the truck they together split the wood.
Split wood was my size and I used my decorative skills to get as much wood in the back of the truck as possible.

I have no idea how many times this exercise was repeated but I do know that for years we used that wood to heat our home in winter and it was my job to keep the home fires burning during the day.
I was good at that job.

What I wasn't quite so good at was the cleaning of the ashes.
On one Saturday morning I decided to expedite the process.

I pulled the vacuum out of the closet and sucked up the ashes and was amazed at how much quicker the job was.
Not wanting to keep smokey smelling ashes in the vacuum cleaner bag..
I set the bag onto a "stump" that was sitting on our patio.
Why a stump was there...
I can't quite recall.
Cheap chairs maybe?

The next morning...
I went to take out garbage and my eyes fell to the charred remains of the stump.
The bag had smoldered and the stump had smoldered and it was nothing short of a miracle that the house did not burn down.

I didn't vacuum up ashes after that.

We don't use wood to heat our home anymore.

This wood...
will be used come camping season.

When we were first married...
provincial campgrounds had huge dump loads of firewood that was free with the cost of the campsite.
Like most things...
this has changed as well.

Being thrifty...
we bring our own.

Wow...that was two stories and when I started the post I didn't even know I would tell you one.

all for now..


  1. were/are good at keeping the home fires burning! The cleaning of the ashes was never my favorite chore either. Natural gas fires suit me just fine these days...except for in the great outdoors! It looks like you are well supplied for this year's camping trips.

  2. I love those firewood cutting days. Brought back memories of spending hours in the bush cutting firewood, loading it up and hauling it home for the woodstove. There is nothing like enjoying the warmth of a woodstove!
    Btw..Terry has good taste in chainsaws! (I showed hubby this post and that's what he said:)

  3. This year we had the wood for our stove delivered - the first time. I could get used to it!

  4. Great stories for sure. What pretty wood on the cut end. When I saw the title of your post I thought you might be doing a post on those yucky word verifications. It's getting harder and harder to recognize an H from an N! LOL!
    Oh my about the vacuuming of the ashes. I'm glad your vacuum didn't explode into flames! That's something I would have done, too.

  5. Great post! It reminded me of my woodcutting days which involved a few 'near death' experiences. All quite funny in retrospect.

  6. I enjoyed the pictures and the associated memories accompanying them. Your hubby is definitely a seasoned logger!

  7. Isn't it great to have a farmer husband who knows how to do things like this! I think I take this for granted too much. Your post and pictures are delightful!

  8. John and I enjoyed these two stories. Of course, we could get together and share stories. They are legend around here, too. I love how you weave a story. Your grandson is very observant! I'm just thinking that the stump was a godsend.

  9. I love the heat from a wood burning stove and fireplace. Gone are those years. Interesting stories...well documented. I love what kids see.

  10. Isn't it fascinating how stories flow from one to another when you start reminsiscing? Stories you did not know were there when you took your first breath to write a post.

  11. I was just waiting for a photo of you demonstrating with the power saw how to cut down a tree...That would of been awesome.
    I loved hauling in wood...we did it for years and now we do it for firewood, just like you said, to cart up to Manning Park.
    Was a cute story.

  12. This was a wonderful picture story, Lovella! I'm glad your vacuum ashes did noy set a fire to your home!

    There was a terrible tragic house fire on Christmas day here in the US because the family emptied their yule log ashes into a bucket and placed it on the back porch. It smoldered through the bucket and put fire to the house. The parents survived but two children and grandparents were killed.

  13. Definitely an H... smile...
    Two very interesting stories...and I'm VERY glad you didn't burn the house down. We all have stories of the 'innocently' foolish things we have done !

  14. Lovella
    It's definitely a N! I just loved your story of your wood cutting memories.
    And I had to laugh at the vacumned ashes! We are when we're young.
    But it all makes for fun tales to pass down to our children, and our blogger friends, of course.
    Your hubby must be good at the wood cutting if he's done it for 34 years without any injuries! I expect he's pretty expert by now.
    Enjoy your Sunday-Kimberly


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