preparing for Easter

Are you too?

There are cookies to bake...
Paska to bake...
Centrepieces to consider...
Eggs to colour...
Baskets to fill..
and most of all...
my heart to prepare.

I'd love to stay in the place of Palm Sunday where Jesus was welcomed and worshipped.
It's not the world we live in it?

To truly celebrate the  victory of Easter...
we must first take time  thinking on the one who paid it all with his life.
It wasn't all beautiful.

all for now...


  1. No, it certainly wasn't. Though we know that it is beautiful now. Exquisitely beautiful and more beautiful than anything else.

    Your photo today is so restful to the eye!

  2. Your reflections are so true Lovella. May all your "need to do" things go smoothly this week.

  3. So true, Lovella. And the most important prep of the week is the heart! Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I have always found this week to be the most difficult one in the year.

  5. We had a sermon about Mary and Martha on Palm Sunday...just in time for this week and a good reminder to be prepared in our hearts, too. Blessings on your week!

  6. Thank you for these thoughts today as we look on the week ahead. A week that goes from high to low to high . . . people praising, mocking, disbelieving, fearful, rejoicing . . . Even the emotions of his closets friends were everywhere. What is amazing is His love, praying, "Father forgive them ..." laying down His life willingly, because He loves us inspite of our ups and downs.

  7. Yes, it's enjoyable to look ahead and reflect the true meaning of Easter. Just like Ellen, we too had a story of Mary Martha and Lazurus...I'm trying to think how I can make a new concoction for Mary and Martha, just a bit of both, and call it Marg.


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