June 2018

I wouldn't mind June all year long if it meant having these beauties ready to pick right outside my door.

You probably heard... 

no new recipe posts. 

This was my last kick at the can and I wanted those buns to turn out just right.  
It felt surreal.

The funny thing is that I discovered there are so many recipes long forgotten so even though the recipe blog is complete,
I'm having a delightful time pulling up recipes that deserve a second look. 

I've taken pictures out of this window dozens of times I'm sure,
but it is always something I can't resist when the lighting and clouds are how I love them to be.

Peonies and roses.

Who needs room fragrance spray?

Truth be told, I'm not a super fan of the orange lilies but they are so bright and cheery (in the garden).

Why doesn't everyone plant an Abraham Darby rose?

This rose bush is probably about 20 years old and every fall I cut it down to about a foot and every spring it shoots forth amazing buds.

As I work on this post, it is Tuesday night which is guys night in the shop.

I'm quite enjoying their guy time.

Presently, I'm sitting in a dark and quiet house with the fresh breeze coming through open windows and doors.

We went for a long walk down Rotary Trail in Chilliwack one morning and I had to hurry and take my pictures since I'm not generally allocated that time.

Fenton glass plus roses.

I love it.

I'm not truly sure what my decorating style is.
Is there a name for what that picture is?

Speaking of things I love!

I love when a party is planned last minute and almost everyone showed up!

We missed Harv and Bev and Tony and Charlotte and John and Betty.

This potluck dinner was time to celebrate our 10 years together.

I finally found the perfect combination in my garden for these peonies. 

Now if I can remember it for next year.

Car show season started again.
We ordered from the food truck and ate our dinner on our tailgate.

(always have a blanket along in case of a picnic opportunity)

On Father's Day,  we celebrated first here...

and then later here.

Guess who was in charge of games?

She is something with those cards.

The cherries ripened beautifully and we kept most of the birds away from them with a net.

We ate so many cherries this season.

I didn't look up the nutritional value of them but I'm sure the suggested serving size is one handful at a time.

I think one of the things I really enjoyed is taking pictures.

When the light is just right I feel kind of giddy.

There is the honest truth.

Cherries and beets. 

Lots of red.

Even my toenails are red now.

She was the youngest girl in the league this year and she is so fun to watch.

I've become very fond of basketball.

I gave this sweetie my china doll sometime ago.

It is loved far more at her house than it ever was when it had no chance of being dropped.

We went to watch our church baptism.

I'm not sure exactly how many but I believe it was around 50 that publicly declared their faith in Jesus. 

I have yet to watch a baptism and not feel emotional.

This girl is going to middle school in the fall!

And so is he!

When is the last time you made some pin curls?

This is my life now!  

Well, that might be stretching the truth a bit but she really knows a lot about baking already. 

How to eat a cinnamon roll when you are going to be 7 next month. 

I wore this dress probably about 50 years ago.

I'm so happy that my Mom kept my dresses for my little girls.
She probably wouldn't have if she would have known I would have two sons.

I wish she would have lived long enough to see me be a Grandma and long enough to see the dresses worn once more.

July is flying by and hopefully, I won't be two weeks late with my July post.

Enjoy the rest of this month dear friends. 


  1. Your mom would be SO proud of you Lovella!!! You are the best. I enjoyed everything about this post and especially seeing all your smiling faces around that table! The fenton glass and roses are stunning against the mirror! I just may have to plant me some Abraham Darby roses! And oh, those pin curls and those precious grandchildren! Here's to July ...

  2. Such a beautiful post...must be the clouds, the light, the love. I’d not be at all surprised if your mother has seen her beautiful great wearing the dress she made for you. I have a grand going to middle school in the fall as well. Will pray for them all...so much will he going on in their lives.

  3. I may have known a little of what you were up to last month...but I sure love seeing it re-capped here on your blog. Beautiful pic's and words to go with them. Isn't it hard to believe two of your grands have reached middle school already? It seems like yesterday that 'we all' welcomed them.

  4. Another beautiful post....the lighting for your garden photos so perfect.
    Your style you ask? Lovely!
    Your mom really would have enjoyed seeing you being a grandma and enjoying all the kids.

  5. I have to say that you must have the best view of the berry field from your place and we all know why. And those roses... if I ever plant another bush it will be those Abraham Darbies and I'l get you to come and how me how to prune them. I have never seen that monopoly game. Should be easier to move on to the big one after that. Love everything about this post ... it was another good month.


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