October 2018

Apparently Blogger is punishing me for being so tardy with my October post.

This is my second go at it and I doubt very much I will be able to pull forth the clever quips as I did the first go around. 

This is so late that I am guessing that there was likely odds on the table that I would never surface here again.

For all you naysayers...

I'm going to press Publish before November 30! 


We did have a full October.

We hosted Terry's side of the family in our shop and had a great time reconnecting with cousins and aunts and uncles we haven't see for far too long. 


look at all those bees!

It seemed that they were frantic to get in their sugar fix before buzzing back to their hives to be carted off until next spring when they come back to tend to the berry blossoms. 

I was fascinated by them.  

They seemed sort of docile and I got closer and closer until I got too close. 

Truth be told, I was fascinated by what my hand looked like blown up like a balloon. 

So few wrinkles.

When the air finally whooshed out, the arm was back to being 59 again. 

The sweetest thing was that everyone chipped in to help make Thanksgiving dinner. 

KyLia made a red pepper and artichoke dip. 

Terry and Bea made the gravy!

There was something to be said for having a hand off duty.  I quite enjoyed hollering instructions from the comfort of my lazy boy. 

Here we were.  Thanksgiving dinner on the table and family gathered round.
We have so much to be thankful for.

 The following week I was scheduled to do an EGG segment on Global and we wondered if the hand would be back to normal size.

It was good!  Crepes were stacked sky high and Eggs were flying off the shelf.  (I'm sure)

Don't you just love the way the sun hits everything at such a low angle?  

Clearly, we had some beautiful weather in October. 

Our dear friends Tim and Flo lost their beautiful daughter Julie to cancer.  We spent a Sunday afternoon down at the river with them.  =(

We knew Julie from the time she was born.  She is missed sorely by all who loved her. 

Apples apples apples…

I dried more apples this year than ever before.

They are such a great snack and the kids love them so I kept drying. 

A big bumblebee.

He was friendly!

OH these two!

Wednesday night at the shop and the drill that was meant for something ended up in the thumb nail.

Stu doctored with a bottle of crazy glue!

When the sun comes up at the same time I do, I manage sunrise photos. 

I would be completely happy with this angle of the sun all year round.  The bungalow is actually brighter  (when the sun shines) because the sun swoops by the windows and peeks in.

One of my favourite parts of Autumn is the fog. 

Can you see Mt. Baker in the background?

I picked these roses at the very end of October. 
There are not many months of the year that we don't have something we can pick to bring inside.

Does anyone want to guess how late my November post will be? 

Blogging is truly a wonderful avenue to document my life.
I sometimes am amazed that I blogged every day for years but that was how the connections were made with so many of you.  I'm so thankful for the blessing each one of you are to me! 

Enjoy November.  ;)

All for now..
with love,


  1. Oh my, that swollen hand/arm. Love seeing all your October moments treasured up. Glad you got blogger to cooperate. See you soon *glee*!

  2. 😁 Yes, I am THAT happy to see this post. (By the way, a bunch of us have been having trouble getting our posts to publish. I definitely recommend a copy and paste method.) That swollen hand...have had one myself recently after a wardrobe malfunction. I’ll just leave you guessing on that one. Anyway, it was not painful, but it certainly wasn’t fun or easy to pull off Thanksgiving dinner with. I am so sorry for your friends’ loss. You must “go to the river” with them again. They will need that normalcy and comfort. Your family is beautiful. So are you. Those men doing wound care in the garage scare me. The granddaughter cooking in her grandmother’s kitchen makes me smile. I still remember the bike over the cliff story...yikes! How John and I chuckled over your telling of it...and praising God for a good outcome. Goodness! No paragraph development with this comment...must run. Now do it again soon, ok?

  3. Oh dear Lovella - so nice to see and read your post. What is it with not getting posting done?? I am in the very same boat over here - ugh. Your swollen hand looked so painful - oh my goodness that must have hurt. I agree with Vee about seeing your beautiful granddaughter working in your kitchen - made me smile too. I was able to view your Global Egg segment - you did it so well! So sorry to hear about your friends loss - such sadness! I'm sure you must be an amazing support to them. Hope your November has been wonderful and as full of love and life as October was. Hopefully no bees ...

  4. I too am happy to see this post! October seems so long ago already...but you re-capped it beautifully. You are very good at capturing your family around the table! Glad you survived your bee episode and hopefully they leave you alone in the future. And now...will November's post be up tomorrow? LOL

  5. I am very pleased to see this post. Too bad about your hand - yikes! Your family photo around the table is full of life and personality. So sorry to hear about the loss of your friends' daughter. How difficult. A month is full of all kinds of emotion.

  6. Always look forward to your posts. Your family is so beautiful, and so blessed. My heart breaks for your friends. I cannot imagine losing a child at any age. My prayers are with them. Blessings from Missouri!!

  7. And we are so very glad and thankful for the blessings you have been to us Lovella.


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