December 2018

December 2018 has come and gone and what remains are the memories to hold near my heart and these photos to help remind me. 

It was about the people we love to spend time with. 

It was about setting and resetting the table. Making longer and shorter, washing tablecloths and napkins and resetting the table for the next loved ones.

Sometimes the table was long enough to make removing the coffee table necessary.
Other times it was as short as possible to make our small space cozy.

On the last day of classes before Christmas, we picked up these three,

and these two and made a beeline for our favourite Hot Springs. 

We woke up the next morning to this view.

We spent hours in the outdoor pool which seemed to do everyone good!

I think they enjoyed their 24 hour vacation! 

December was also about tartan.

I've always loved it! 

I pulled out the skirt my parents brought me from the Maritimes about 40 years ago.
Kilt buttons can be easily moved.  
That's all I'm saying about that!

We also celebrated this young man's birthday.
He made the rounds with his Handcrafted Grilled Cheese menu.  

Those grilled cheese sandwiches were the best I've ever had!

I felt my heart rate rise with every announcement of possible storms. 

They say you either love wind or feel less affectionate towards it.
I love it!

Every year I think I can.

This year I put all the cookies in little bags to send home with guests.

Do you want to guess how many times I remember to offer those cookies?

Did your Mother hang Christmas Cards on a ribbon?

Then there were the roses.

I added them into arrangements.

We sent out Christmas Cards reflecting our family vacation that happened in March.

The family came for the noon meal.

And then we spent the afternoon walking..

and working off the first meal and making room for the next!

Does he look content or exhausted?

At the end of the day when all had gone home and we sat down together to count our blessings we felt nothing but joy!

We are so grateful! 

Thank you Lord for being with us and for each and every blessing through the year.
Thank you for leading us each day. Thank you for reminding us that you know best!
May we be faithful this coming year to honor you!


  1. What a joy to scroll through your December filled with so many good things!

  2. So enjoyed this glimpse of your December. I can't decide if I'm more amazed at you wearing a skirt from 40 years ago or how grown up your grandchildren have become. I might add you look fabulous in the skirt and the table to match is so pretty too. I had to smile at that last photo. I would say mostly content with, perhaps, a dash of exhausted.

  3. A beautiful December! Your tartan skirt proves once again that classic never goes out of style. Terry looks plumb tuckered and content all at once.

  4. A beautiful and blessed December!

  5. I always love your posts. What a blessed family you have!! God is so good!!

  6. I enjoyed looking back on your last month of 2018. Glad to be a part of it.... you hosted the MGCC party with flare! We all enjoyed. Fun seeing your growing family.


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