July 2018

Canada Day was not super summery so we found ways to entertain ourselves indoors.
Ever since he built the 50 Merc I've nagged him about white walls and hubcaps and so he is working on it.  =)


The garden is providing us with fresh vegetables and I can't quite explain why but somehow digging, washing and cooking all within the same hour makes me feel like a real farmer!

We pulled the garlic.

The garlic scapes have been chopped and frozen for adding to sauces and stir-frys through the winter. 

We celebrated Mom's birthday with the family.

I learned that if you dunk the blossom end of the hydrangea in water for 20 minutes, the fresh blooms will drink and stay fresh for days.  Just remember to give the stem a new cut before arranging in a vase.

Redcurrants grow very abundantly in the garden.
We will enjoy them all winter long with Hot Red Currant Jelly, cream cheese and crackers. 

The girls came for a sleepover and they made Grandpa Rocky Road Icecream which is his favourite.

The girls and I went out to dinner and we primped a bit before we went. 

Some photos we tried to stage but the best ones are always when something is naturally funny!

When we came back, we were treated to a show.

They proudly served up the icecream they made.

They made a sign for the upcoming celebrations. 

A sleepover at my house always includes tea and 50-year-old dresses from my closet. 

When grandpa came in for lunch, he sat down and they looked at him and told him he should dress up, so he went and put on a tie.  

Look at them, looking at him. 
I'm still smiling at their expressions of disbelief. 

Who really knows how many spoons of sugar goes into that tea?

Later in the afternoon, I set them up to watch an art tutorial. 

They all enjoy painting and I would recommend looking on YouTube.
Even I felt a teensy bit artistic.

We took a beautiful July evening to go for a bike ride from Agassiz to Harrison Hot Springs. 

Thanks for showing us the backroads John and Marg! 

I love the car shows when folks come to visit.  There was never time to open up my book and that's what makes it so enjoyable. 

 Not wanting to overtly brag.

Sure has been nice to have our oldest grandson who is ten do some work for us. 
He works without any complaint and does tasks independently.

Who doesn't love using a power tool?  

He's pruned and swept barns and bark mulched. 

He was waiting for his next task from the boss so I grabbed a pail of soapy water and a scrub brush. 

Look at this little lady! 
We celebrated her birthday. 

It is now a tradition that these two who share a birth date celebrate together.

The bunting on the other side mentions 60 years! 

To celebrate, we took in a few days at Harrison Hot Springs with our family. 

I provided some puzzles and colouring that I was able to create from a teachers website.

They loved them! 

It's tradition to go for ice cream and sit on these steps.  
Someday I'll group the photos all together!

This was our view in the morning.
 There were coloring pictures during meals.

Dutch Blitz!

Do you play this?

Breakfast with a view of the lake.
Everyone comes when they are ready.
That is what makes holidays restful.

My zinnia patch is in full bloom!  

This is a very cheap thrill.
Three bags of seeds produced this long row.

Our pea patch is a source of many stops during the day.  
Most of them are consumed, pod and all.

Every guy should be given an A SALT rifle to destroy flies.

I'm so very thankful for the 60 years the Lord has given him.
He is the best husband for me. He is funny and witty and has always put his family first through the years.  He is mentor and friend to his grandkids and a helper to his adult kids.

The boy I fell in love with at 19 years old has been a faithful and true friend and I thank God everyday for the gift of Terry. 

I love when color combinations natrually occur.

We enjoyed having family over in July. 

My friend Bonnie had these gorgeous dahlias growing in her garden and she thought about me and brought them over!

The delight in pairing vases and filler with blooms is something I truly enjoy. 

And now we are into August!

I'm looking forward to celebrating our 40th and his 60th in style with friends!
Looking forward to sharing some of that with you in September!

Happy August my friends!


  1. July looked like a wonderful month! Those grands are sure growing up. How great to have a 10 year helper! Your zinnias are gorgeous - I'm still waiting for mine to bloom. Any day now, I hope. Congratulations on your 40th anniversary! Happy August days.

  2. What a great month. Love the tea tie! hilarious. I'm looking forward to seeing your 40/60 celebration. Wish we could celebrate with you!

    1. So... you are not going to surprise us then? =(

  3. Another beautiful month in the can. Memory can of course! The photos you take gather the moments so well. I am sure that Grandpa is sometimes considered “incorrigible” by his beautiful grandgirlies if those expressions are any indication. (And he loves it, I can tell.) Happy Birthday to him and a very Happy Anniversary to you both!

    1. OH that is just the perfect word! and you are right... he does love it and so do they!

  4. I am SO happy I found your blog. It's just lovely and ever so inspiring. Your July was just beautiful. Here's to an amazing August.

    All the best, doreen

  5. What a lovely recap of the month of July through your lens! I’m looking forward to your 40/60 celebrations as well! :)

  6. Oh Lovella - I just love these peeks into your lives. The ice-cream steps tradition is just awesome. Happy Birthday to your love and I look forward to the 40/60 celebration pictures. You sure know how to love life and live it! Bless you ...


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