May 2018

This is truly the latest that I have posted my month in review.
Besides being late, I'm giving you the Coles notes instead of the detailed report but maybe you won't mind that part.  =)

We did get our garden planted and I'm happy to report that since this photo was taken, there is more foliage than dirt showing.

The MGCC group from this area plus Ellen from Washington State
enjoyed a beautiful lunch at Marg's home before heading to enjoy the tulip fields of the valley. 

I love the look of a freshly mulched yard. 
Instead of going to pick up trailer load after trailer load, this year we had 10 yards delivered and went to work to get it all done.

The front yard is at it's best when the rhodo's are blooming and the foliage is fresh. 

I love creating pretty little bouquets from whatever is blooming in our yard.
The lilacs and lily of the valley have such a short bloom season but it is so wonderful to enjoy it while it lasts. 

One of the highlights of the month was when this little fellow was invited to have a visit with our city mayor. Maybe it wasn't a G7 official but in my thinking, it may have accomplished more and there were not unkind words spoken during or after the meeting.  Among topics of discussion between the two was how to make a decent paper airplane, they realized they both have baby cows (but h pointed to his calves and laughed like crazy).  Favorite subjects in school are something they have in common (recess and PE) They also discussed why attending school is important, which made this grammie happy! 

Thank you, Mayor Henry Braun, for taking time to influence a child who thinks you are the best mayor ever. 

A few years ago I planted a yellow peony and this year it joined the rest of my peonies in celebrating spring. 

To end this month with something beautiful, I present the dearest dancing girls.
May they always find joy in dancing in worship and praise! 

I hope the remainder of June is a blessing to you!  

all for now,
with love.


  1. Whew. I was hoping you hadn't 'closed shop' on your blog, and was happy to see a new post. Lot's of happy events in May...from sowing seeds to enjoying the blooms and sharing them with others, to encouraging your grands in their pursuits. I love the story of your Mayor taking time to build paper airplanes with your grandson!

  2. Goodness, yes, I was fretting along with Judy. But now, you may have more time (perhaps less after reading MGCC this morning) for blogging pursuits. Your granddaughters are so darling. You and your Beloved keep such a tidy, lovely home. I always admire your gardens. My peonies are just now blooming. The good news is that I have a 400% increase in them from last year when there were only two. ☺ I loved that your mayor met with the youngest grand for a time of paper airplanes. As for the G7, I pray that all work out as God would want. Oh my. Politics.

  3. Your gardens look stunning Lovella! I love that your grandson enjoyed a day with the mayor - how amazing! Your girlies with their posies are just beautiful. You have a wonderful talent with flower design Lovella! My peonies are just beginning to bloom and I too enjoy picking them for a fragrant bouquet in the house. It's such a beautiful time of year!

  4. Good morning, Lovella!

    This morning is the first I read of you ten gals ending your 10 year career as Mennonite Girls Can Cook! I have so enjoyed the blog and also getting to "know" all of you, especially the gals that also have personal blogs. You know...just thought I'd let you know...when you put out that call 10 years ago to join you in creating a blog I really, really wanted to do it! I was sitting at my computer just writing a response when I just felt...should I, should I not...a wee bit hesitant! I did not send that email! I waited a few more days and...oy vey, the slots were filled!! I would have represented Manitoba...and I've always felt you could have used more of us from here! :) Many times I've been sorry, but I always trusted that the Lord helped me make the right decision that day! Anyway, I've always followed the blog faithfully; there was SO much to identify with, of course. Growing up Mennonite really connects us in so many ways even though we grow up in very different countries and cultures, specifically. Thanks again, for making the initial move and then blessing so many others because of it! Enjoy your "retirement"!!

  5. May is a beautiful month at your farm for sure. Love your bouquets. Still smiling about the two Henry's having a summit! So fabulous.

  6. I always enjoy reading your monthly updates. Those bouquets you share here and on Instagram are so pretty.

  7. Same here! Glad to see your month of May is posted! It was a great month of the taste of summer ... beautiful weather, flowers and outdoor living. Now we are back to the cold.
    I read Mary Krahn's sweet note here. It makes me wonder if there were others who almost pressed send.


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