September 2018

OH goodness... it is nearly November and here I'm publishing my September post near the end of October.  I feel properly tardy! 

When we came back from our fabulous summer trip, my sister in law Heidi brought me this lovely welcome home Gloxinia.  She had ordered seeds and after months of nursing along her seedlings, she has beautiful blooming plants to share. 

September has been very much about harvesting the garden.  I am so happy to have several bags of Jalapeno Peppers tucked into the freezer.  I freeze them whole and sliver them semi-frozen with a chef's knife.  

Early September we enjoyed an evening with our friends Richard and Dorothy.  What takes hours in travel by car and ferry is only minutes in a plane.  

We enjoyed a patio dinner in Friday Harbour which is in the US. 

We stopped at Bellingham airport to go through customs on the way there and back.  

As we were flying home and nearing the airport, Richard flew over our farm so we could see the bird's eye view.  The bungalow is hidden behind the tree on the bottom right corner.  
Since then, the field and grass is green and lush again.  

Drying apples every day. 

I really started to keep track of how many times I've filled the dehydrator but I've lost count. 

The crates of apples are slowly being dried and passed on to the family.  

Did I ever tell you that my refrigerator was creating a cacophony of sorts? 

Early June we ordered a new one. Because the color is white and apparently a special order we were told it could be about 4 weeks.

The refrigerator arrived early September. 

Oh, bliss to have ice cubes.

Near the end of the summer,  Henry watched me filling the ice cube tray and wondered what I was doing.  I told him I was making ice cubes and he hardly wanted to believe me.  

So the good news is that I now have a modern refrigerator that makes ice cubes while I dilly dally doing other things. 

Don't you just love the cozy autumn evenings?  
I'm speaking from what I know about how lovely our fall has turned out.  When this picture was taken in September, I hoped that we would have some very warm days yet.  

How wonderful it has been. 

There was that one day though when we had a very long thunderstorm complete with hail.
I enjoyed it very much.  I've never been in a thunderstorm that was truly terrifying since I was a child.  I was home alone once when it started to thunder and I was under the bed crying out to Jesus to save me. 

Now I smile at the memory and the thankfulness in how my faith grew even when I was little.  

The hydrangea blossoms never disappoint.  

Our family tradition is to go to the MCC relief sale together and stand in the Wareneki lineup. 

I did my best to entertain them.

One lovely warm evening we took the old truck out for a drive.

I looked down and thought the black carpet was such an amazing backdrop.  

We were invited to John and Marg's for a most wonderful party in their back yard.

It was the most wonderful evening and quite possibly the prettiest outdoor tables I've ever seen.  

So thankful for friends that include us!

Next spring I am hoping to see these lupins come up on their own.  I planted seeds this year but expect that they will volunteer on their own next year.  

We went for our annual ride to Merritt and back through the Fraser Canyon to see the colors.

What does your husband do while he waits on you to take pictures? 

Credit cards are for more than buying.  They also are good at getting into those crevices where wax might have dried and not removed.  

I just loved the yellow sage bushes blooming and the yellow line down the road. 

I'm not sure what that says about my brain but it is truly something that makes me happy.  

Oh and then just towards the end of September the bees became very aggressive.
I'm not afraid of bees at all.

Wait until you see what happened with the bee early October....

To be continued in a few days.  =)


  1. Well I do know some of the rest of that story, but I will be back to read it all. 🧡 Your picture story for September is beautiful. I particularly liked the bird’s eye view of your farm (and, yes, I was looking for the house) and the Scrabble letters spelling out the grands’ names...clever! Oh and did Jill paint the other pic? Looks familiar... Hope to see you in a week or so for October’s update.

    1. Dear Faithful Vee! There are not so many surprises with our lives on Instagram but it is still so good to have a place where it is recorded. I laughed when I saw the birds eye view thinking if that isn't proof we live in a tiny house... there is nothing more I can do. The painting was from Jill. She is one gifted lady!

  2. Oh what a great September you had. I missed the fact that you flew to Friday Harbor. I knew you flew somewhere. We have stories about Friday Harbor. Love the overhead view of the farm! Fun. Haha! Welcome to the 21st century and icemakers!

  3. How nice to see your September blog post up. I was beginning to think your blogging days were over! I always look forward to your monthly re-caps...seeing things through your lens and smiling at your quips. Had to laugh at Terry's demo of 'how to clean wax out of the cracks' so as not to be standing idly by. Glad you are happy with your ice-maker. Will we see how you made use of your ice after the encounter with the bee? LOL

  4. Well, I know for a fact that those perishky were yummy and that those zinnias and pie were enjoyed in my kitchen! I love the lupines and fall drive views! Thank you for popping in! 🤗

  5. I too liked that view from high above of your farm. I know it's been lush and green and full of colour since that photo. Your love for gardening and flowers always gives us a nice set of photos here. That fall drive is a very pretty route.

  6. And a fabulous September you had!!! Your garden and flowers are so beautiful and I love how you share them. Love the farm picture ... the white fences are perfect! Your new modern fridge is a beauty - how did we ever survive without the ice-maker? Can't believe we are on the last day of October! Happy Hallowe'en.


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