Packing for a Greek Cruise

(Columbia sports dress which can be dressed up or down)

Before I post pictures of our vacation I decided I will show you what I packed in my suitcase.

It seemed easiest to try everything on that I intended to take and then from there chose which outfits to take along. 

(linen dress from Marshalls)

Since the cruise didn't include formal nights I was able to wear most outfits for dinner and then wear it the next day for touring. 

(linen dress from Winners scarf Winners)

Almost everything I purchased, was 

(clearance dress from Gap online)

(cotton dress from Marshalls)

(linen dress from Marshalls)

(tank  from Uniqlo and skirt from winners)

(white linen jacket from Tommy Bahamas, sport skirt Winners, black tank Uniqlo)

(sheer top Aritzia,  sport skirt, sandals Browns)

(top Lululemon)

(linen dress Marshalls)

(maxi dress Marshalls, wedge shoes sckechers)

(pants Lululemon tank Uniqlo)

(jacket Lululemon)  

This was my travel outfit.  The very light jacket over a tank top was a good choice since our plane was on the warm side.  

 What I haven't worn in these pictures are the Birkenstocks that I wore every day for walking and they proved to be an excellent choice.

Now that the vacation is over, linen dresses have been cold washed and line dried and just need a bit of ironing before they are tucked away until next time!  

I'm looking forward to wearing some of the wardrobe into fall with tights and layers. 


  1. Great choices Lovella. Everything looks great on you!

  2. You fashionista you! Really, I would have zero clue what to pack for such a trip nor what to purchase. You have a wonderful fashion sense and each outfit looked wonderful on you! The hat’s great, too.

  3. Lovely choices Lovella! I agree with the others, they all look very cute on you. Did you have to do much ironing on your trip? (all that linen!)

  4. Oh I love this!!! All your choices look beautiful on you. Especially love the top from Aristia.

  5. I loved seeing these dresses on you in real! My favorites are the linen ones and while you found the deals here, I was happy to find them so reasonably priced over there too. They wash out beautiful on gentle, cold, shake out or put on air dry setting for a bit and hang. Hardly any ironing needed. Planning what to pack is one of the fun parts of a trip like this and makes for carefree days while away. Thank you for sharing your excitement and great taste!

  6. Can't wait to hear all about your trip! You are a beautiful lady, inside and out :)!! Your blog is a blessing to all!

  7. What a beautiful selection of dresses for your trip! You look so sweet in each outfit. I sure enjoyed following you on IG as you toured!

  8. Really nice dresses...they all really suit you. Hard to believe your trip is now a memory.


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