February 2018

I'm getting later and later with my month in review.  

Life must be full in the bungalow!

I'm always so happy to see something poking out of the ground before spring is officially here.
I was about ready to pick the sorrel and a day or two after this photo, it was wilted on the ground after a frosty night.

The rhubarb is late this year.  
It's been a colder than average winter according to my memory.  

This flower was blooming beautifully as well until the frost hit it and it also wilted but has now stood itself back up and it's back in business. 

I am so thrilled that this orchid has grown a new stem.  I've always been on the hoping end of orchid blooming.  This year I'm celebrating each new bloom that has opened.

Ask anyone who lives in the valley.  It's been a wet and dreary February.
Rain rain and more rain.

When the clouds opened and the blue sky peeked through I think we all ran out to take pictures of it.

I even found myself gleeful about Kobe's shadow!

Over the years we have collected chairs to work with our dining room table which came with six chairs and two leaves.  We now have enough extra chairs that can easily be unhooked and placed for when the whole family is over.    Somehow that made me happy.  

There was the day of sunshine when we celebrated the sun on our faces.  

How can I not post about the great hound?

We went and picked him up for a play date with Kobe.  He was supposed to sit in the back with the seats collapsed for hound transportation purposes.

He thinks he is a lap dog and slowly made his way to the front.  

On the way home later, he couldn't get past the grammie gate. (though he tried)

I love pink! 

It's so interesting how I've loved different colors throughout my life but they have always been either pink or yellow or red or purple.  I have no idea what that says about me but I'm currently back to pink.

February also is barn cleaning out season here on the farm.

I watch him haul one scoop after another. 

There are always two barns to clean out with each flock change.  First, the layer barn is cleaned out and then the pullet barn.

This is what one year of manure looks like from two barns. 

It will either be made into rich compost or it will be spread onto farmers corn or grass 

Bea and I took the hounds up to the top of Ledgeview trails.

The trail had frozen over into ice but we managed to slowly make our way to the top.

The hounds were happy.  

This is me craving warmth.  

This is my 5th birthday party.  

This is my 59th birthday party. 

I'm so very thankful to have the privilege of another year!

This year is especially fun since I've turned the same age as the year I was born!

I love flowers too! 

On my birthday evening, it started to snow again.

No matter, Kobe and I trekked through the snow.

My beloved keeps our walking path around the farm mowed for me all summer. 

In winter, he makes tracks for me if it snows. 

That's the kind of guy he is.  

Love him!

And for the hair shot of the month, I chose this photo that was taken this last weekend at poultry convention!  

It really isn't a very good color shot but it gives you an idea of how I'm styling it with the transition to silver! 

Have a wonderful March! 

all for now... 
with love,


  1. A very special month this was with your birthday and anniversary. Love the snow walking tracks! Love how your hair is transitioning.

  2. A full month and you made the best of the weather. Loved seeing that winter picnic. You do so many fun things with your family.

  3. I was wondering if you had forgotten about February. :) A full and special month it was! It looks to me like you enjoyed your 59th birthday celebrations much more than your 5th birthday party...judging by the smile.

    Great photos documenting life in the valley last month...now I know what I missed out on.

  4. Although February is special with your birthday on the calendar- I'm happy to welcome March! Which now is half over too! Where does time go? Slow down and make the most of 59!


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