January 2019

Every year should start with Portzelky!  

And loved ones around the table. 

And a puzzle to work on during long winter evenings. 

It was wet... very very wet! 

I continued to pick my kale and worried it would drown. 

 Kathy had just had her hip surgery we moved her birthday party to her house.
Next year on her birthday she will be dancing! 

The rest of the month I essentially was in an organizing frenzy! 

Every day I pulled out a drawer or took apart a closet or cabinet and put back together again in a much tidier fashion.

Some days I didn't even get dressed properly, nor did I have time to comb my hair.  There was no time! 
When I pulled out all my kitchen stuff I stood there and felt some degree of panic!
But, I stuck with it and am now ready, should the queen come to inspect! 

We took a drive up Chilliwack Lake Road and saw scenery so beautiful that it hardly looked real. 

As we neared the end of this puzzle we limited ourselves to only a few pieces each day.  It was so satisfying to sit together puzzling together. 

We went to watch #30 play basketball. 

We went to see these beauties dance!

We watched the moon eclipse with this trio.

I waited patiently for the Hellebores to bloom,

and then added them to store purchased tulips.

I basked in the sunshine outside in just a sweater. 

We had a donut fry with my siblings and their kids and littles. 

The weather was so lovely that I hung out laundry to dry. 

And then!

I (being the weather watcher that I am) saw that we were in for a cold snap!

I went out and picked all the kale and bagged it for the freezer. 

January was good and I nearly thought we made it through winter without winter.  

(says the girl who is watching the snow blowing outside)  =)

Perhaps the biggest change for me so far this year is that I'm making an effort to lower my LDL cholesterol.  It's been creeping up in the last few years and my doctor has given me three months to lower it.  Have you had success in naturally lowering your cholesterol?  I'd love to hear how you did it.  I have lists of good foods and bad foods and I think I'm being quite obedient.  Time will tell if my body is exceptionally good and making bad cholesterol or have I just been enjoying too much Schwandt Fat?    I'll let you know in April!  

Enjoy the rest of January!


  1. Did you begin January, as I did, watching KonMari on Netflix? That’ll throw a person into organization mode. Love the photo of you soaking up the sun. I understand that winter has arrived, but I hope that it does not outlast its welcome. My corner is expecting a foot of new snow tomorrow afternoon to Wednesday. ❄️ Not looking forward to it.

  2. Oh that misbehaving cholesterol. I hope your plan works well for you. Good for you for organizing the kitchen. Yikes. Glad it's Queen worthy now. :)

  3. Oh man - I need to do the organizing things that you did over here too, desperately. Even on those days that I stay in my jammies all day it doesn't seem to happen - ugh! I'm sure glad the Queen doesn't stop by on those days ... she would get a shock! We are planning to have a niece's bridal shower here at this old farm house in about 5 weeks so I'd better start soon. I love the picture of you basking in the sun - so peaceful. Your family traditions are wonderful Lovella. Good luck with your LDL. I have a friend who is convinced that the Keto diet plan is the answer???

  4. Thanks for bringing my 60th birthday celebration to me. I loved it!
    All that Kale is sure to keep you healthy...and you got clean cabinets! A good way to start the new year....and that donut looks very tasty. Your lucky siblings! Fun to see your grand daughters in their activities. Sorry I can't help you with the cholesterol thing but I can cheer you on!

  5. I think January is a good time to do the organizing and you even managed to get fresh kale out of your garden! Just being stress free should help your cholesterol, shouldn't it? Now you can focus on this your Birthday month!

  6. You make January look really good! Maybe next year I will stay home in January and get my house organized. And maybe I will put out a puzzle and see if anyone joins me at the table. Enjoy that kale and let the cholesterol take care of itself. I won't dare suggest you give up eggs. :)


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