Februrary 2019

I turned 60 during the month of February!

Our family celebrated with me by renting a home in Whistler BC for a few days.

I didn't cook.
I didn't lift a finger other than to open gifts and scratch backs.

They managed to think of 60 things they think are reasons to love me. 

The gifts were not the usual run to the store type gifts.

The gifts they gave me were thought of, ordered, and tucked away for this weekend.

I love braids.

A front door mat to commemorate the year our life together as man and wife began. 

Once the littles were downstairs for the night, the adults hung out and relaxed.

Really relaxed. 

I've noticed a difference when we go away as a family.

Relaxing doesn't easily begin when they walk in the door knowing that they are leaving again in a few hours. 

It happened to be a very cold few days in Whistler. 
It was too cold to ski which rarely is the case in BC.

The girls spent one afternoon baking cookies for us. 

At the end of the few days, we were not ready to go home but we left anyways.

We stopped at the best pizza place in Whistler. 

When we got home, the snow and cold weather continued. 

Cold weather or not, 
Valentines Day was coming and cookies were made.

I love grandparents day at the elemennnntary school.




Anneliese and I were invited to speak at a luncheon at the Garden Park Towers for their senior luncheon. 

It was lovely to be so appreciated by so many.

I walked around the farm yard and wanted to follow these duck tracks to see what was so exciting to the right. 

I went for a walk one afternoon while the ground was still frozen with the kids.  

On my birthday, I invited a few of my nearest and dearest to attend a sign making party. 

Words from the heart.

The parties continued...
my brother Gerry and Heidi. 

They gifted me this beautiful charcuterie board made especially for me.  

On the day I was born, my parents filled out little announcement cards and the nurses put a tiny bracelet around my wrist.

It is so sweet to open up the box of greeting cards that my parents received when I was born. 

Towards the end of February we attended the annual Poultry conference.

I suddenly thought about the fact that we had never done a group selfie an elevator. 

And that was February! 


  1. Such a wonderful February with the highlight of celebrating your milestone birthday! Loved all the photos and special moments you shared with loved ones!

  2. And February came and went. I'm so glad to see your birthday documented, such a wonderful weekend gift from the ones nearest and dearest! I also, really enjoyed the paint class and lunch. Thank you!


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