April 2018

 Well, I may as well say it the way it was and not leave you wondering if April was good at my house.
It was. 
I'd be happy to repeat it pretty much the way it was.

We started the month by celebrating Easter with the family.
They came to our Easter Store and exchanged plastic eggs for quality merchandise.

We had so much fun and will most certainly set up a store again at the farm.  It's the first time we have had farm gate sales!  

The month had plenty of sunshine, clouds, and some rain.
We sat outside plenty of days and more than a few times did I go back into the house to put on shorts and a t-shirt. 

We enjoy pruning together.  My job is to point and offer constructive instructions while he saws, uses the clippers and the ladders. 

I always start to get a bit giddy when the rhubarb is near picking time.

I just love picking those first tender stalks and chopping them for something mouth watering.

I've shared plenty of rhubarb from the garden this year.
I've found it is a sure way to enjoy quick visits from rhubarb pickers. 

Despite the destructive ice storm in winter, the magnolias bloomed beautifully. 

This sweet bouquet is a memory of a dinner party we had with friends.
Isn't that just the prettiest daffodil bouquet? 

Anneliese and her H were enjoying a vacation in Palm Springs.
We often texted back and forth and when she casually invited us to join them for a few days, I jumped on that bandwagon so fast that I think we were all laughing.

While we were there,  we found Kathy and her hubby as well.
We joined together for a hike up Painted Canyon. 

It was so fun to have this unexpected day in April that I never knew was coming in March. 

Every day was a deliciously fun day!  

What a very special treat!  

At home, the spring flowers continued to open up.

This was the cherry tree in full bloom.
Every year, our berry farmer neighbors bring in bees to pollinate their berries.
We benefit from that in our orchard.

The grass is already needing to be mowed a few times a week.
With a few acres of lawn, it takes a better part of a day to get it all trimmed and mowed. 

That is not my job but I sure love to walk around the yard when he is finished. 

I've been making Summer Borscht.  
I've been wondering why they call it Summer Borscht when we make it in spring when the Sorrel and chives are ready to pick.   Maybe the ones that started making it had late springs?  

Nearing the end of the Star Magnolia bloom, we decided to try to bring some sort of symmetry back to the Magnolias that lost large branches. 

I followed behind snapping pictures of these beautiful blooms that were heading to the garden waste pile. 

We have been on the farm near 24 years and I don't think there has ever been a spring where I haven't found a spot that needs a new tree or plant. 

They were preparing the soil across the street for raspberry planting. 
I watched for hours as the different pieces of equipment made perfect raised rows. 

Laundry drying outside is one of the most wonderful things.
If you haven't slept under air dryed sheets in awhile, find a way to make that happen. 

I found that doing my Precepts homework outside was good medicine for my heart and my soul. 

He's been complaining for awhile about the surface rust on this part of the barn roof.
He decided to create a mottled effect.
No one will notice the rust is gone and no one will notice that the roof has been painted in spots.
Win Win.

The boys stopped in after school as he was nearing the end of his mottled tin roof job.
Good conversations from the roof to the ladder to the loading dock. 

We had a hot spell towards the end of April and so we used that opportunity to have our Community Group over for a BBQ. 

My most favorite purple magnolia broke in half during the ice storm.  =(  
Nothing cheers me up like yellow. So when we spotted this fabulous Yellow Bird Magnolia at the garden shop, it was not a difficult decision to bring it home. 

I love bleeding heart.  Reminds me of my Mom.  

Oh look at these baby robins!  Not particularly cute yet... but I'll be keeping an eye on them. 

Friends taking a one day floral course together.
I'm so happy to have friends that love flowers as much as I do!  

To finish off April we had our oldest son's wife's parents over for dinner. 

We love our family through marriage and are so thankful for amazing other parents for our sons! 

I have always loved yellow!

My mom crocheted this dress for me when I was 8 years old and now half a century later this sweet girl is able to wear it.  I'm sure my Mom saved my favorite dresses so that my daughter could wear them one day.  That would have been special but since we had no daughters those dresses had to wait for one more generation and now it feels incredibly special to link the dresses my Mom made with-love to the great-granddaughters she would have loved.  

I loved April! 


  1. That was a happy post from start to finish and I enjoyed every line and every photo. It's lovely to be able to look back at 30 days and say that you'd have them all back again. The dress - well that was so special and really touched my heart. From your mother, down the generations, it makes it something precious. Onward into the heart of May, the Queen of Months!

  2. You always weave a month together so well...Guess that God actually does that, but you weave the descriptions of those events together so well. Next year, I highly recommend finding a spot for a tri-colored beech. ☺️ Oh your granddaughter is a vision in that beautiful yellow dress. It has stood the test of time!

  3. I can see why you loved April...and what a nice surprise to meet up with you on the desert trails and around a dinner table on evening. Your trees still really did well after our winter and the new Magnolia will be so pretty. That is sure sweet that your grand daughter could wear the dress your mom made for you. I can almost see your mom beaming with joy at that sight.

  4. A wonderful month filled with so many good things despite all the rain. It's good to make the most of what comes our way and fill our days with friends and family. Love the yellow dress!

  5. Now that yellow dress was the perfect way to end your lovely April re-cap! So many good things back into the month...including a fun surprise get-away. I always enjoy your month-in-review!

  6. What a wonderful month, full of friends and flowers and family. So much to be thankful for. I love the exchange the plastic eggs for quality merchandise idea and may use that next Easter! The yellow dress is such a special treasure to pass down through the family. On we go to May!

  7. This post sings of a delightful yellow colour! Our May is finally starting to look like your April - we are so far behind. I totally agree with you about the air dried sheets - it's heaven! I love how you admire the Spring flowers and all the beauty in nature. This post holds more of your amazing selfies. What fun! Your April was amazing. Always love your month end recaps.

    1. Oh, it was so fun to be a bit spontaneous and benefit from a little visit in the desert!
      I also love that yellow magnolia ... and the joy of seeing the yellow dress you saved for such a time as this.


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