March 2019

As if there had not already been enough celebrating, we continued to celebrate, this time for our anniversary in Peurto Morelos Mexico.  

I loved being up early to see the beach freshly raked. 

We had perhaps one of the best rooms in the hotel. 
From the sand to our deck chairs was 27 steps.

If we never get that kind of perfection again, I'll remember we had our turn. 

Even though it is not such a big deal anymore to dress up for dinner at these resorts, we always cleaned up for the evening. 

It was so pretty and so warm and the ocean breeze and the sound of the waves just is a combination we love. 

Sometimes it was a bit cloudy. 

From the top floor looking down where we hung out at the beach.

You can see Terry on his lounge chair. 

We didn't wake up early every morning but when we did, we didn't lay in bed.

The sunrises coming up over the ocean was something to see. 

Do you think we felt welcomed home?

This sign was part of the welcome package of starter groceries. 

We felt so loved. 

While we were away, spring had started to sprout and the pruning needed to be done lickety split. 

We hired the boys to come pick up all the branches from the orchard. 

Lots of wheelbarrow loads.

And when they were done that job I got them to help me dig out a few things from the garden.

That amazing Kale plant that provided us with Kale through most of the winter finally froze while we were in Mexico. 

We did a little tent remodel with some new furniture. 

At the end of May we went with the kids into the forest to celebrate Bea's birthday.

It was the best kind of day. 

So thankful for Bea and the love she has brought to our family.

We had the family over for Sunday brunch to try out the new improved seating area in the tent. 

And that was March!


  1. Now I worried that there wouldn’t be a March, but you were busy with April and now May. Always wonderful to see what you busy folks are up to!

    1. Vee, thank you for visiting. I am finding time is going faster than ever. I am wondering how I ever managed to post everyday on my blog and tend to the MGCC at the same time. Last evening I finally decided to do a few months at a time. This morning I loaded the rest of my photos from April and I'm telling myself not to ever let it get this behind again. It's still a journal that I know I'll never regret keeping. Friends like you are the sweet benefit along the journey.

  2. I love that we both had the Mexico trip, even if at diffeent times. What a beatiful place! I also really like your new seating furniture for the tent! It looks so inviting!

  3. Time seems to pass more swiftly these days. It is hard sometimes to keep up. Love to see all your special celebrations! Your tent area keeps getting better!

  4. It's always lovely to catch up with what's been happening in your corner, even it's a wee bit late. Mexico looks like a really great getaway and relaxing break before the hustle and bustle of spring gardening and yard spruce up.


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