behind the scenes photo of page 22

My heart is so full.
I can't help but think of all the moments that you won't see on the pages of Celebrations and yet what happened is often etched on my heart.

I thought that I would share some of the set ups of when photos were being taken for the book.
Most times it was a photo shoot and no one ever saw it but sometimes there were friends who waited patiently for the photos to be taken so we could eat.

My first recipe in the book is on page 22...
so it makes sense to start there...

Yesterday I helped Dorothy in the morning at the Inn.
I used to help her so often but then the grands all came along and the blog took on a life of its own and while she has remained ever so busy there...
I've been busy in the bungalow.
It was good to be back there working alongside of her and chatting while we sliced and diced.
I brought her a book and her appreciation in the gift humbled me again.

To think that there are such wonderful people out there that are supporting their local community by purchasing our book or ordering if online when there is no local retailer to support just amazes me.

You are wonderful people out there.

My magnolia is starting to bloom again.
It is one year since we started taking photos and working on our recipes.
It is good to be on this side of the work and part two of the creation of a cookbook has begun.

The interviews with magazines and radio stations are in full swing.
For the sake of documenting some of the articles...
I hope you won't mind if I record the articles here as they are published.

Have you heard of the Zoomer magazine?I spent a wonderful hour with a reporter over the phone.
I'm so grateful for the opportunities being given to us.

all for now..


  1. Still marveling at how this phase of life came to be for you; and so happy to read your interviews. The behind the scenes work to create a beautiful and charitable project is the part that most readers will not fully understand; I am glad that you are sharing the bits that went into making the book happen!

  2. Oh I can only imagine how busy, busy, busy you are going to be, but then you've been busy, busy, busy all along. It seems like just a short time ago that the first cookbook came out. At this rate...a new one every two years... you'll be busy forever! I know that your heart is to do this as unto the Lord so it's all good. All very good.

  3. Love your behind the scenes...

  4. Very nice post --- I'm enjoying the success of your cookbooks from afar.

  5. Oh yes...there is much happening behind the scenes. And you are always seems!

  6. What a great idea to do "behind the scenes" - I love this! You are so busy and doing a great job! I am so glad that you are sharing the interviews and articles. Be sure to take some time for yourself too Lovella!

  7. You go girl..we love how you can share the wonderful words in promoting the book.


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