a call to the track

We got the call to come down to the track to see the threesome make their way around the lumps of dirt.
So we went.
I wondered where the tot track was because I could only see the big kid track.

Here is our "little" 5 year old making his way around....
And now...
I have one more thing to worry pray about.

I did cheer though...truly I did.


  1. Oh my that is quite the track. I'd be a tad nervous myself. :)

  2. I like that you crossed out 'worry' and replaced it with pray. There's a fine line there...i know. Cute clip. Don't they just grow up so quickly?

  3. Such fun.....bring your bike next time:)

  4. Such a cute clip for sure! I guess you will have to get used to your heart in your throat and keep praying and cheering... because you get to love what they love!

  5. I wonder who has inspired them with this great sport? Enjoy these years...they are the best...I have a shot of 15 nieces and nephews with dirt bikes hanging out at our farm about 20 years ago...Those were the days.

  6. I remember my boys doing the exact same thing - and loving it too.

  7. Aww - so cute! These truly are the best years and enjoy them!


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