a visit to see where ellen lives

I have a friend...her name is Ellen.
I again marvelled as we left Greg and Ellen's home how God blessed me with the amazing friendship of the girls of Mennonite Girls Can Cook.

Ellen is our American and because of that she is a bit of a novelty...
is it okay to say that?
I never had American friends before I started blogging.
Now I have more than I can list and would be afraid to leave anyone out.
Jill was the first American blogging friend I had and even she has visited Jill's house.
The idea of it made me happy.

We parked our RV at a RV park quite close to Greg and Ellen's and on Sunday morning they showed up and we hopped in their car because we were going to go out for breakfast together.
The best surprise was that they took us to their home.
OH..and now..
pull out your Mennonite Girls Can Cook book and turn to page 24.

Ellen made her authentic Russian Blintzes for us and let me tell they are all she claims them to be and then some.

I was so happy to get a tour because as you all know in blog land we want to know what we don't see behind the scenes.
You wouldn't know for instance that this is where Ellen sits when she blogs.
Now ...you do.

Ellen is our tablescape artist specialist and when you see the photos in the new book and admire our table...you will see Ellen's gift at making a table beautiful.

Her book was sitting on her counter...
I took a photo of her blintzes and the recipe...
and it made me smile.

I have so very much to be thankful for and marvel again at the abundant blessings of the relationships I have in my life.

Thank you Ellen for sharing your love and your heart and your time with me.

all for now...
with love.


  1. So glad that one of you documented with photos! Page 24 you say... I can see how much fun it would be to be treated to breakfast at Ellen's.

  2. A sweet tribute to a wonderful friend! I've seen where Ellen blogged when she lived in Cali--her view has improved!

  3. Lovella, It was such a joy to have you and Terry in our home. I'm looking forward to more of the girls coming to visit, too. Thank you for this fun documentation!

  4. How very special....the friendship, the home tour, sitting around Ellen's table and eating those yummy looking blintzes. Friendships like these are some of lifes most precious gifts.

  5. Such a special treat! Breakfast at Ellen's would be a wonderful treat! I enjoyed this 'behind the scenes' post! I'm glad you had a nice vacation, Lovella.

  6. I enjoyed seeing Ellen in her element too!! Now I can envision her as she blogs and cooks. Those blintzes look amazing!!! So nice that you could visit like this.

  7. Thanks for sharing the inside story with us. I love being able to picture my friends in their daily element. Ellen and Greg are great and I hope to try out those blintzes someday.

  8. I even got to spend the night in the room where Ellen blogs and had "Dear" serve up his special drink. Her house is a gracious beautiful and restful space, as is yours Lovella!

  9. That is too funny that you didn't have any American friends until blogland!!! I'm so glad we have blogs and lots of friends we didn't have before!!! Looking forward to seeing where the book tour will take you -- one of these days it will be close enough for us to meet!

  10. What a special Sunday morning treat...to have breakfast at Ellen's! Now we know we she churns out the blog posts and the blintzes. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love that...most of us love being treated in someone's home...that must of been such a pleasant surprise. And just to get a tour of her house and watch her in action.
    That recipe is a keeper for me. I use it frequently and right now I am so hungry for just a taste....coupled together with the friendships.

  12. What a treat that must have been - a surprise too! I'll have to look at that recipe because the picture made me drool!

  13. I'm with you in this whole adventure of the blessings of new friendships! Those blintzes are quite the incentive to let Ellen know next time we are in her neck of the woods. No presssure, though!


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