The Day Celebrations Arrived

I had been sent a tracking number Tuesday when the books left Friesens printers in Altona Manitoba.
The ATO said...
I knew it was not possible for those books to arrive on Wednesday but I checked that tracking number at least a few times that day to see if it would give me more information of the truck where abouts.
On Friday morning I called the truck company to see if they could locate the truck and they told me it was in Langley and my order should arrive in the afternoon.

Around three the valley girls came on the yard and we sat like a bunch of nervous ninnies...
wondering the books would really come.

We knew the truck would be making book deliveries to the local stores as well...
but we thought it would be most special to all see it at the same time...
in a home.

Not fifteen minutes after they arrived we heard the truck and I ran out and had him unload into the shop since it was raining.
From there...
my beloved brought us in each a box of books and I took out my slicer...
slit them open and then together we lifted the flaps.

Is was like being five years old on Christmas morning.
There were not too many surprises left.

The last thing the designer places in the book is the inside of the book cover.
We all couldn't wait to see it...
and we were thrilled.

The other thing we don't necessarily know all about is who has written endorsements...
and they blew us all away.
People have been incredibly gracious and kind in their remarks.

We couldn't put the book down...
even to celebrate!!!

We did finally put our books back in the boxes and sat down to eat and enjoy time together.
There were nine of us!
Where are the other three?
Look at the top of the jelly cupboard.

Betty...Charlotte and Ellen were hanging out with us in a google Hangout. much fun to share it all with them.
It made it almost perfect.
The only thing better is if all ten of us could have been together. 

There was so much to talk about.
You just can't imagine how noisy we all can be.
Can you?

In between...
I had to stand up and go look in the boxes again.
We have enough to get us started and once everyone left I pulled out my special ribbon that has been set aside for these books.

On Saturday and Sunday...
I made a few very special deliveries.

I've read it nearly cover to cover now...
and found one mistake...
it's not perfect...
but almost!

all for now...
with love.


  1. Oh what a great celebration indeed!!! I think I can hear the happy chatter and delightful "noise" because you have written about it and photographed it so beautifully Lovella! What a great accomplishment ...... can't wait to get mine. BTW the ribbon you chose is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Wonderful celebration! I love the pretty ribbon you chose to wrap your gifts with. Perfect! And. Isn't technology great? To be able to get together to celebrate via the internet? Blessings, Pamela

  3. I loved the surprise of the inside of the cover! Sharing the expectation and arrival time will always be a special memory!

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  5. Hmmm, I commented and it showed up that I commented twice. I meant to remove one --- and both left. Will start over and hope that your screen doesn't look different than mine.

    Congratulations on a job well done! I look forward to seeing/reading/displaying a copy of your book in the near future! Are you planning book 3? Please say yes! What about a children's cookbook?

    Enjoy a happy (busy) week!

  6. I love all the different descriptions of our afternoon together. Thank you for sharing it so I can share it with my family! It was fun, exciting and the book every bit as beautiful (and more) than we envisioned.

  7. I'm still feeling the buzz in a different way...Now it's time to put all the details we prepare for the book launch. Thank you for leading us with your passion and momentum.

  8. A fun anticipated day for sure!!

  9. How fun and exciting!!!! I'm so happy for you all! I know the book must be beautiful!!!!

  10. How exciting this day must have been for you gals. Congratulations!
    The cover of the book is so pretty. The ribbon and your little purple touches around the bungalow are so complimentary to the theme of your newest cookbook.
    I own the first book and look forward to purchasing this one too.

  11. I've loved reading each of these post - your excitement is infectious! Congratulations - I can't wait for mine to arrive - I've had a note from MennoMedia to say 'it's on the way'!

  12. Great post of that much awaited for date. How fun that technology can bring people together. I'd have connected if I could have...sometimes it just doesn't work.....looks like the 9 of you had a great party. I partied inside...sharing the joy in my heart across the miles.

  13. What a great way to celebrate your new book! I can hardly wait to hold a copy - and gift one to my sister for her birthday :) Best wishes for a wildly successful adventure with this new book!

  14. Looks like so much fun! Congratulations on a job well done!


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