still about cannon beach

We came home yesterday down the Interstate 5 in the pouring rain.
It seemed (the rain that is) to find us on Wednesday and basically enjoyed being with us and remained with us for the remainder of our vacation.

We were glad we had taken advantage of the dry days at the beginning of the week and certainly did not sit around sulking once the rain warnings began.

When the tide was out we hopped from rock to rock looking for growing  things of the ocean that we just don't see at the farm.

So often we thought about how much our grands would love that beach and looked at the beautiful beach houses and dreamt of one day bringing our darlings with us.

I had to think once or twice of the recipe for mussels we learned at Chef Dez's cooking class.

And then there was this guy!
I thought so often of how blessed I am to have a husband to fully love.
To be able to do life together ...working...and playing...and dreaming of days to come with the one I fell for in high school is a blessing from God that I simply can't be thankful for enough.

We walked through the sweet ocean village admiring the cottages waiting for their families to arrive.

It seemed that spring was at its best and when flowers bloom doesn't everything seem a bit more hopeful?

I imagined a sweet bride standing under this canopy of blossoms and wondered aloud about it.

Once the rain began...
he sat reading on his side of the trailer...
while I sat on my side...
answering emails..planning for the month ahead...
and reading.
We found comfort at the sound of the pounding rain on the trailer roof...
in the place we love to visit.

all for now...
with love,


  1. What a beautiful love story! The love you have for your husband, family, and your surroundings wherever you are is such an inspiration. The spring flowers and rugged coast line are so gorgeous in spite of the rainy sky or perhaps because of it!? Have a great week....

  2. There is always much to see near the ocean even in the rain. Beautiful photos. It is evident you and your beloved are still in love and enjoy being together just listening to the rain fall on the trailer roof. Blessings. Pamela

  3. Looks like an absolutely wonderful place to relax and be refreshed!

  4. Did you 'enter'? I know you don't always read the signs! :)

    It looks like you guys had a wonderful time at Cannon the beach and in your cozy hide-away. Welcome back!

  5. I know of several families that have found reasonable cottages to rent along the coast there that will fit all your grands and their parents. Your home away from home is a great investment for the two of you and all the fun it provides! I enjoyed our little tour of it. :)

  6. Ah . . . contentment! What a precious gift! I think I said that already earlier, but it's worth repeating.

  7. We used to camp in a tent and I always loved the sound of rain on the roof! Thank you for the little glimpse of springtime blooming - we have a way to go yet!

  8. I am looking forward to learning where you will tour to promote the new book; another swing through the eastern areas?

    Jeff Foxworthy was in town last week and quipped: If you have ever worn a parka with shorts you might be from Utah. He might have added Or Terry from Abbotsford! Brrr!

    Love the tide pool pictures!

  9. Sorry about all the rain but it looks as though you have had a good vacation anyway! Loved all the sea life you found! And the beautiful spring! Can't believe how far behind we are!!!


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