Sitting with the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Bear

Our walking dinner tour ended up at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
We are having such a great little get away.
We are thankful for our men that are keeping our farms running like clockwork while we are away.

There are plenty of phone calls and texts that fly back and forth between Whistler village and the farms.
You can take a girl off the farm but her heart will always be with the farmer.

we'll stroll through the village...
find a sweet spot in the sunshine for lunch...
and then hop on the bus back home for bedtime.

all for now..
with love,


  1. You farm wives look pretty happy! Hope you picked up a few sweet treats. Enjoy today!

  2. Such a fun tradition! I always enjoy your posts about your bus trips. It looks a bit chilly there. I see boots! Mine are being exchanged for a new pair of sandals for the season. ;) You all look adorable!

  3. I'm sure that the getaway works wonder for the husbands and the wives. It's good for the men to have some time and for you ladies to enjoy your time off for good behavior. Keep having fun!

  4. No offense to Mary, but I look at that photo and feel like there is something wrong with it! =)(like the old Sesame Street song goes...)
    I'm glad you all get to get off the farm for a bit and enjoy the beautiful city!

  5. I knew you girls would have fun!

  6. Awww - bear hugs to all! You sure know how to have a great time!

  7. Is there ever a break in the conversations? I think it would be so good to be with such a great group of women. Farm women deserve breaks in their daily routines.


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