Annual Ritchie Smith Feed Girls Go Away...and come back!

Once again Vivenne and Dianne planned the most perfect one-night-away-from-the-farm for fifty ladies.

Our first stop was the Lonsdale Quay Farmers Market.
The shops were freshly opened and we found a cup of coffee and shared some muffins outside in the sunshine.

I love flowers.

I love blossoms..

and I love mountain scenery!

The road to Whistler is a long and winding road and I was ever so grateful to Marg and Judy who hopped on the bus at the first pick up and saved me and Mary a seat right behind the first row.

Taking photos through the front bus windshield needs to allow for a speck of pretending the rock chips are not noticeable.

We arrived in Whistler Village and settled into a lovely hotel and then boarded the bus back down  to the village for a walk about progressive tasting tour.

The next morning we woke to another lovely day and walked past the ski hill where the last of this years skiers were enjoying a day of spring skiing.
The sun seemed to indicate an upcoming change in the weather.

We crossed over a bridge and stopped awhile to enjoy the sound of rushing water.

Just before lunch we found Judy and Marg and I loved how again Mary and Marg  almost seemed to be long lost twins.

Me and my sister in law Mary.
I was reminded on this little get away just how spunky she is and how fun loving she is...
and how much fun we can enjoy together when time allows.

The little go-away..and...come-back-again...quickly turned to the come-back-again part of the excursion.
The bus stopped on the way back in Squamish the home of the famous Chief mountain where climbers are almost always climbing the face.

The best part of coming home is...
coming home!
I sit here tonight remembering the fun we had...
 and the eagerness of the one wanting to pick me up!

all for now...
with love, 


  1. That would be a lot of fun with a large group of ladies! I've never been to Whistler but hear it's beautiful as your photos attest. Have a lovely weekend. Pamela

  2. What a fun time! So glad we could share the adventure...and even managed to save you a seat near the front of the bus. :) Where to next year?

  3. Well we made the headlines again...whether it's cooking, or farming...we just know how to have FUN!...I loved the comment about Marg's long lost twin. It was a wonderful time to get away from it all!

  4. Looks like you had a fun and relaxing time away. So happy that you have such great sis in laws that you have so much fun with.

  5. Now I must go visit Kathy to see the third account of this trip. It looks like such fun. It's true that you focused on some different things from Judy and vice versa. So fun to note them. Glad that you had a fun time, glad that you're all safely home, glad that you'll probably do it all over again next year!

    1. Oops! I must have Kathy on my mind. I haven't been able to visit her of late. Nope, it's off to Marg's blog.

  6. You all look comfortable being together! Such a blessing!

  7. That Feed Company has a brilliant Marketing Department! What a fun time you gals had! I hope my farmer and I get to see some of this scenery this summer - can't wait!

  8. Beautiful photos Lovella. Glad a wonderful trip was planned for you ladies again!

  9. Good friends, beautiful scenery, time for coffee and all sounds like a true time of refreshment and encouragement for a group of well-deserving farm women, especially before the summer season appears.

    Lovella,I am so thrilled with my new gift! The "Celebrations" cookbook is over-the- top! You all deserve accolades for creating an exceptional(in all ways) cookbook. In a small way, I gave the book a plug, on my blog post. Thank you so very much for all the time, energy, and expertiece you all put into the editing and producing. I can't wait to try the recipes and read the stories.


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