finding a spot for a picnic

Yesterday's forecast promised to be the best of the week so we packed up a picnic and headed down to the beach. 

Heading south down the beach past Haystack...
the locals...
and the tourists...
we had our eyes on the cropping of rocks in the distance.

We arrived near noon and had the place to ourselves.

I caught him studying the green moss on the rocks.
Moss and him don't usually get along.
He once saw moss for sale at a garden store...
and it made him shake his head.

We enjoyed our solitude looking back at haystack.

Who knew that chicken and bacon sandwiches could be ever so tasty?

We walked back north along the beach and headed straight to the bakery in town.
He had his heart set on a fluffy donut.
all for now...
with love,


  1. Food on a picnic after working up an appetite always tastes great! The dessert doesn't look too bad either. He doesn't like moss in nature? Ha! I mean I do understand not caring for it on the lawn...

  2. It looks so beautiful there. I'm sure you worked up an appetite from walking in the fresh sea air. Enjoy your visit.

  3. Never mind that gorgeous beach, that donut looks delicious! I'm such a foodie!

  4. The most perfect spot...I love the photo about moss...interesting, while we try to kill the stuff...others are purchasing it at the garden centers. ENjoy those walks and picnics on the beach. The donut is melting in my mouth right now.

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  6. I can almost hear the water - great pictures. That beach looks amazing! Love the sheltered spot you had for your delicious picnic and your musings about the moss! Enjoy your holiday.

  7. All that beauty and what catches my eye is that fluffy donut! LOL! Looks like you having a wonderful time!

  8. A picnic on a lonely and beautiful, lonely beach looks most appealing! I guess it's hard to see the beauty of the moss...when one spends a lot of effort in getting rid of it on the homefront.

  9. It's a beautiful place! I love to imagine the sound as you enjoy that tasty picnic.
    Oh.. and I've always liked moss .. not wet moss on rocks, but moss in forests on fallen tree trunks etc. I alwasy want to feel it. I've learned, being married to a lawn lover, that it's not a good thing in the lawn.

  10. Ah - so you are on your annual holiday on that most beautiful beach! I've been there in sunshine and rain, and there is something so very special about the rain. I'm glad it stopped long enough for a picnic and a little moss-contemplation.

  11. It looks like you had a wonderful time together at Cannon Beach, Lovella! I look forward to seeing this myself one day!


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