Cannon Beach 2013

We've been here before and nothing has changed and that is just fine by us.
Our camping spot is a few paces from the last spot and they remembered us and that was fine by us too.

The weather when we left home was clear blue skies and the six hour trip south was bright and sunny...
until we turned west toward the coast.
We could see the mist rolling up from the ocean and the blue skies disappeared..
but that was fine by us.

After a great nights sleep with the roaring ocean in the background we pulled on our rain slickers and headed the beach and walked and walked...
came back to the trailer with a blister on my big toe...
and stiff muscles...
but still...
it was all fine in the trailer.

The spring flowers are perfect...
the tourists are happy...

the towns folk are friendly...

the americano's are hot and strong...
and peanut butter cookies are crisp and chewy.

It is just what we are needing.

So much to be thankful for...
and I'm counting those blessings one by one.

all for now...
with love,


  1. Enjoy your little vacation Lovella. I love the first picture of your husband running on the beach and the one of the two of you is great. It's always good to get away. Enjoy!

  2. Nothing like a getaway to revive the senses! Keep having fun!

  3. It looks (and sounds) like the perfect spring getaway. You'll make the most of it, I know!

  4. I can smell the ocean air and feel that wind....I too would find that a perfect holiday. Happy for you guys...enjoy!

  5. I love a cloud drenched beach! I'm glad you are having a relaxing time!

  6. We had a cloudy misty beach here on Monday.
    I remember Cannon Beach from my childhood--we visited several times a year!

  7. Sounds like you are having a very "fine" time!!! Enjoy - you are so deserving!!!


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