Sunny Sunday

the threesome came to visit.
The key to the baby gator was jointly inserted...

and off they were.

It makes me smile to think how year after year the privilege of driving is accepted by the younger ones.

I was happy to see that already...
they know which side of the road they should be driving on.

They routinely waved as they passed each other.

Kobe followed one ...
and then the other two. 

Almost as soon as they came out...
the littlest offered a taste of his lollipop to the pup...
and lost it...
while she kept her lollipop safely tucked beside her tongue.

When Grandpa took out his ATV...
they quickly left theirs at the side of the "road"..
and hitched a ride.

The littlest...was tucked in the middle...
cozy and secure.

Each lap...
I was there to greet...
and wave..

and receive smiles.

The road was busy..
both ways.

I loved watching them in the field..
with the mountains still snowy in the background.

He wondered all of a sudden...
why she had a lollipop...
and wondered what he had done with his.

He kept looking...

and then looked at me to see if I knew.

He forgot about it again...

and laughed at something funny that Grandpa said.

I wondered at one point...
if a hat tugged on ever looked so sweet on me.

or him.

Just as I wondered...
Grandpa tugged it down..

and so the game went.

all for now...
with love,


  1. Your grass is so green! Ours is covered by a fresh blanket of 8 inches of snow! :-(

    Is that really your baby grand?? My, he has grown!

  2. Now that looks like a perfect day at Grandpa and Grammie's place. I love the close up shots of the kids....they are darling! I can't believe how much the littlest guy has grown.

  3. Oh, such fun on the farm! Could there be anything better for kids on a beautiful day, than to have toys, space, a grandpa that gives rides and teases and a grammie that makes noodles and hands out lollypops!

  4. I love watching you capture those moments forever. You just cannot get enough expressions and you savor each one. I look at my oldest grandson and the activities have changed from long ago already. Looks like the best kind of day.

  5. Perfectly darling and sweet documentations of times with the grands. Guess what? I thought the little one was the middle one so when I saw who was driving I grinned real big. They sure do know how to have fun and "be." And I love that they waved to each other. Says a lot.

  6. Adorable!! A sunny day with sunny smiles. Thanks for sharing Lovella!

  7. Oh what fun with the grandchildren on a sunny day!! You guys are the bestest grandparents ever! Such sweeties.
    Have a wonderful week Lovella!

  8. What fortunate little grands you have! Our girls have so many special memories with four wheelers, and they still talk about their memories. I am not sure though who is having the most fun, the grands or the grandpa:) Cute pictures!

  9. Used to be "how to keep them down on the farm after they have seen (insert name of a major city)." I'd say any city kid would gladly trade places with your grands for life on the farm with that kind of fun.
    Lovella, your grands are just so beautiful!

  10. A day of driving never looked like so much fun!

  11. I would love to be a kid again for a few minutes and play the riding game! My sister and I spent hours and hours doing that. :) Your grass is so green. Ours is so brown. Not a sign of spring anywhere except the chirping of birds. A strange year to follow last year. I love the photos from the Paska class. Such fun!!!!! I loved your Paska the year I made it. It is always hard for me to choose between Paska now or Hot Cross Buns. My limited time forces me to choose. And now of course I have to include a gluten free option as well. :) Can't wait until your new book comes out!!!!! Have a wonderful Easter!!


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