chapters searching and poster coloring

A few weeks ago when we went to Vancouver and out for dinner with our sons and their wives we stopped in at the Chapters store on Robson to see if the book was in stock.
I do that.
If you could do that once in awhile too..
I would be much obliged.

They had one in stock but I couldn't find it and asked the clerk if I was looking in the wrong spot.
She checked to see where it should be and it wasn't there and that bothered her some.
She said there had been a stack of them at the table she indicated...
and she felt so bad that I couldn't take it home.
I confessed I didn't really need to take it home and once she knew why...
we enjoyed a nice chat.

My family kept occupied.
Near by the children's area..
they had found a poster and felts and were busy doing their fair share.

Boys will be boys...
that's all I'll say about that.

They became quite quickly addicted to the task at hand...
and provided me with plenty of blog fodder.

How many different kinds of butterflies could possibly be colored?
I'm not a coloring enthusiast.

I appreciate watching people who can enjoy the tedious work.

It was intense.
They added to the coloring of the butterflies that was left by the last artist.
It was apparently hard to quit.

all for now...


  1. Was the lost ever found? That usually indicates that the lost was lifted. Hope that it all means that the next time you check there'll be a stack of them in special display. : D. Oh I love to color. I definitely see the attraction.

  2. I will check our Chapters too! Love the colouring - can see why it's addictive!

  3. What a great idea for a store to give entertainment to those who are not hunting for cookbooks. I will check out our local store and make sure they have copies of your book(s):) Proudly I will do that! Can't wait for the next one.

  4. I'm smiling. Colouring while waiting works for all ages!

    Vee is likely right...someone decided to take home the cookbook without purchasing it.

  5. Yes, did they find the book?? I remember buying those black and white colouring kits when I was in my late teens. I loved to colour them. Interestingly, my daughter and I were talking on the phone today about colouring. She just bought her 2 year old son a bigger box of crayons because it has more colours in it that she likes to colour with. She loves to colour too. :) He was also pretty pleased to get his first scissors to cut paper. Pam

  6. Hopefully it's a good sign that the books are gone! Beautiful butterfly coloring going on there! Reminds me of the Brazilian souvenier plates decorated with real butterflies.

  7. If this is for sale it would be a great gift to send to a teacher in Asia. I'm going to have a look.... Thank you.


  8. Love it when big people have fun, too!

  9. I still ask for the book. :)
    Colouring? I love to do it with the little ones - it's fun to sit still with them while we colour.


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