It was the Easter of 2000 that my Dad joined us for his last Easter on earth.
On Easter Monday he was taken to the hospital where he declined and passed away three weeks later.
That year, he brought me an Easter basket filled with spring bulbs and I planted it later after the blossoms had died.
Each spring I watch for the sign of new life from those bulbs and each year the green pokes through that ground and the yellow little daffodil buds begin to form and open up.
I've divided that little patch and instead of his gift giving me one year of joy it has multiplied offering beauty throughout the garden.

His gift reminds me of how my spirit is renewed at Easter.
As Christians we join together at church because we want to join other believers in praise and worship to God for the sacrifice he made on our behalf.
All the years growing up Easter was important and given a place of reverence.
There was no working on Good Friday or Easter Sunday and even Monday was considered special.
As children we looked forward to that Easter basket and new Easter dresses and of course...Paska...but our parents demonstrated what it meant to them personally by keeping Easter.
I learned early that Jesus was on the cross with our sin upon his shoulders.
It was his dying breath that brought us life.

Today the children will come over and there will be Paska and Easter baskets and even new dresses but they already know that Easter is more than what can be bought at the store...
because children have excellent memories and in the weeks leading up ...
have already been telling us what Easter really means.

I wish you all a very blessed Easter.
May you experience your own reminder of renewal around you and find joy in the realization of the Father's love for us.


  1. What a beautiful ongoing memory of your dear father, Lovella. I wish you and your family a blessed day and Easter as you celebrate our risen Lord. Hugs, Pamela

  2. Such a sweet and loving gift that keeps providing comfort year after year. Daffodils make me smile. There's just something about them that is so cheerful and cheering. A joyous Easter weekend to you and your Beloved and your beautiful family.

  3. Easter has such an amazing message to humanity. It's so good for our little ones to learn early what it's all about. Precious memories of your dad and his gift to you, also. Blessings on you and yours...

  4. I love this story about your Dad and the bulbs!!! I'm so glad you have that reminder each year. I hope you have a wonderful Easter and Easter weekend! You will be enjoying spring while we are still stuck in winter but we will all be rejoicing in our Eternal Hope Jesus Christ!!!

  5. What a lovely remembrance!...the spring bulbs AND more importantly, the teaching you received, and I love how you are passing that on!

  6. What a refreshing story of a father's love and how you are remembering him. Such a wonderful analogy of our Father's love for us and how we are reminded of what he did for us on this day!

  7. Wishing you a blessed Good you spend time with your family. How wonderful that know the real meaning of Easter!

    Love that your last gift from your dad just goes on giving...year after year.

  8. I can see your dad's sweet smile as he handed you those flowers. What a nice reminder of you dear dad. Easter blessings to you.


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