Croquet Kids Kobe

So anyways...
I took the little squirt into the house and snuggled him into his bed.
It took him some time to nod off and while he and I waited...
he sang eieio...many times.

In the meantime a rousing game of Croquet had been set up on the back lawn.
Rules of the game were discussed and debated and once it was agreed that it was just a game...
the mallets were set in motion.

You are wondering about the grass.
yes...the lawn needed to be mowed again already but the John Deere dealership is still sharpening the blade and replacing bearings and what not all.
It will be delivered back to the farm today and shortly there will once again be order.

The mallets manoeuvred the ball around the course.
Sometimes the mallet tapped...sometimes it just shuffled the ball along.

Kobe...thought it was all about her.
She couldn't believe her good fortune to have not one ball to retrieve but several.

She's so good at patiently waiting for a good tap.

See the concentration?

And there she goes.
We might need to implement a golf marker for the upcoming Croquet season.

For this particular game it ended up being just fine with the grands since they put their balls back on the grass where they "remembered" it had been captured.

Notice the concentration on the Grandpa's face?
And there goes Kobe..intercepting the ball once again.

In time...
everyone made it through the course.

Tap tap tap...


when the mallet did not cooperate..
there was a little help with the other hand.

all for now...


  1. What a fun time you and the grands had. And Kobe too, of course. :) I played croquet one time with two young boys I was babysitting and one of them accidentally conked me in the nose with the mallet! That was the end of that game!! It sure did hurt.

  2. Where there's a ball...there's usually a kid...or a dog. It's so fun seeing the kids growing up and enjoying life on the farm.

  3. Love this delightful post Lovella! What fun on a warm Spring day.

  4. Isn't it just so nice to be 'playing outdoors' again? Your grands will have happy memories of their times spent at your place...riding around on their favorite wheels, playing croquet and having Kobe join in all the fun. Sweet grands, you have (but growing up so quickly!).

  5. Oh the game of croquet...the memories from early years as that was 'the game' And I love the interaction of he intercepts and thinks the whole game is about him..Enjoy these days. It's been long overdue.

  6. Big smile here! What a great way to make Kobe feel she is part of the game.

  7. Lawn croquet looks like fun! Your dog certanly enjoyed joining in!

    May you and your family have a very happy and Blessed Easter!

  8. Somebody has been taking very good care of that beautiful lawn. Excellent captures of all the expressions from high concentration to the beginnings of indifference. Sweet documenting.


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