Paska Class 2013

We had such a good time at our annual Paska Class at Lepp Farm Market.
We were sold out with 26 guests and a great crowd they were.

I baked Paska at home during the day to "decorate" the class and I almost needed to use it to serve as yeast that I bought in little packets for the class failed me.
I always mix up one batch early before everyone comes so that when we do the class, I demonstrate making the dough and then can use the dough that has finished rising to demonstrate putting it on pans. 
It was a good thing that Charlotte Lepp could bring me some from home in time for the class.

My sister-in-law Mary and my niece Tammy came to the class.
For many years when our parents were still alive we always had Easter all together but now we all have our own families and Easter gatherings don't happen like they once did.
They do however remember the Paska I always brought and now will no doubt...
be making multiple batches for the Peters gathering.

I hooked up my microphone...

...put my ingredients out...
and taught Paska.

There are so many little hints that can be seen so much easier than putting it on paper.

The size of the lemon and orange and the white part ...
when it is important to remove it ...
and when you can leave it on...
all part of the discussion.

Showing how to pinch off buns for putting into muffin pans.

Anneliese pinching off more buns.

Julie brought some of her gluten free Paska to share and talked about gluten free baking.

Kathy did the scalloped potatoes demonstration..
assisted by Marg.

She sliced and diced...and had potatoes in the oven in short order.

Anneliese demonstrated her Coleslaw dressing!

Bev demonstrated how to slice a ham.
Lepp Farm Market baked the ham for us again.
They raise their own pork, smoke it in their smokehouse and it is very delicious.

Judy demonstrated her mustard sauce to go with the ham.
I could eat that sauce alone...
it's so delicious.

Bev demonstrated how to make Plumi Moos...
and brought some of her home canned cherries ..
so delicious.

Here is the plate of the main course! 

Marg then demonstrated Ellen's Paska spread and shared some of the Russian phrases that Ellen taught her on the phone yesterday.

We all waited to see if that spread would come out beautifully like Ellen's did the year before.

Kathy helped her flip it over!

And voila...
it was delicious.

We all took pictures.
I tried to post to Facebook quickly for Ellen to see...
but I couldn't get that picture to post for love nor money.

With the Paska out of the oven...
we plated each Paska bun with some Paska spread...
and a scoop of icing. light...
and still a bit warm.

It got the thumbs up!

And that...
dear ones...
is Paska class 2013.

Before the class dismissed...
I challenged them to go home and make Paska and said that the first person to send me a photo with their paska...would win a copy of our new book Celebrations when it is published..
May 2.

By midnight...
this was in my inbox!

you win!!!  
Her sweet little family will have had Paska for breakfast.
I'm just smiling here!

all for now...with love,


  1. The fun came through in the expressions on everyone's face, the food looked toothsome and I think Easter's menu is slated here now thanks to you!
    So great that so many of you "girls" could demo the foods, and bring personal hints and histories about the recipes.

    Are you wearing new glasses frames too? They look nice!

  2. Congratulations to Melissa! She may just take the record as the fastest paska-baker of all time. I hope she had a hearty late night snack when her job was done! What fun we had last night.

  3. It would be fun if you could post a video showing the paska technique with all the little tips. Looks wonderful!

  4. Oh - I could have learned soooo much at that class! I would have loved watching you and hearing your hints and tricks on making that amazing Paska!!! You must have baked a ton this past week - it all looks so beautifully decorated and packaged! I could use a tutorial on slicing the Easter ham as well - I always make such a mess of it. Oh, and I can see the fun that Kathy and Marg had unmolding the spread - so cute! You gals are so awesome! I think you could sell videos on your techniques too. Congrats to your enthusiastic student!

  5. I would have loved to be part of it! It brings back so many wonderful memories! Thanks

  6. Yea Melissa, she was such a sweet thing. And I think we were all thankful that you led us through the evening..always keeping the comments going whenever there was a dull moment. But I did not get to take any Paska buns guess what's cooking in my oven today...fresh and perfect for tonight's family evening.

  7. Oh that was a great challenge to get a free book, Lovella! Love it. The seerney paska looks perfect. I'm so glad you all had a wonderful evening and a plate full of good food!

  8. Melissa is making me smile, too. Wonderful student! I'm very intrigued by the Paska bun making because I'm thinking that perhaps it will be less I'm hoping to try them tomorrow and if all goes well, I'll be posting about it Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for sharing the fun with us. That menu looks amazing!

  9. Congratulations to Melissa! I can't believe she went home and did them right aways!Oh, and they look great! So good!

  10. Where can we find all these delicious looking recipes? Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Looks like lots of great fun

    1. Eileen, the recipes are all in our book and also on our blog. The Mennonite Girls Can Cook link is at the top of this blog...just look for appropriate indexes. The Paska would be under Mennonite recipes.

    2. Thanks! I have your book and love all the recipes

  11. I'd love to have been there - I was so close! I've made Paska from your recipe and will have to do so again this year.

  12. I love watching each of your smiling faces in these classes. Definitely, if I lived there close by I would be so happy to sit and learn from all of you gifted ladies. Your foods all sound like they would be so delicious and they all are photographed beautifully. Just think, if I was not in blogland, I never would have heard of Paska.
    Enjoyed every picture. Thanks for letting us be a part of it.

  13. What a wonderful, warm, delightful class!


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