Ah...there is nothing like  a fresh smoothie to help a Grammie chill.

When other people make fun of husbands buying toasters for special gifts...
I still can't get over the excitement of a new appliance.
My last blender was feeling it's age and with Paska season around the corner...
and all those lemons and oranges that will need to be blended light and smooth...
I was gifted with a blender that blends ...
anything you give it.

It has one button dedicated to smoothies and so I've added smoothie making to the grands repertoire of recipes.
After a few days...
they already knew what to request and together we added the fruit with the ice and ...
pressed the smoothie button and picked our cups and straws. 

I didn't bother mentioning how healthy this was...
but smiled as they sipped quietly while watching how to make a princess cake on Youtube.

Where was I during that time?
Just chillin'.

So...thank you so much for all the encouragement yesterday for us before...
in the middle...
and after the Amish Wisdom show.
If you missed it live...
there is the podcast that you can catch right here.
Have I told you lately how much you all mean to me?

all for now..
with love,


  1. Ackkkk...I missed it! Right in the middle of serving supper and didn't think of it again until 5:57. Wonder if there is a way to listen to a taped version? I'll check around.

  2. I love smoothies!! What kind of new blender did you get? I'm looking to replace mine as well and am just using my Magic Bullet for making my green smoothies (it works well too). You gals did such a great job yesterday Lovella! It was so nice to hear your voices and you have such a sweet spirit. Well done!

    1. Rosella, Aw are such an encouragement to all of us.
      My blender is a Blendtec. It is a big investment but I am really loving it and like that it fits on my counter under my cabinets.

    2. Thanks - I've heard that the Blendtec is the best - I will look into it further. Have a great weekend.

  3. How fun to make smoothies with the little ones. They are so healthy to drink. I've been thinking about buying a blender so I could make smoothies. Do you have a recommendation for a good one? I'd like to be able to crush ice too, I guess, if that's an important feature. We do not have an ice maker in our fridge. I was looking at Canadian Tire the other day and prices vary from $40. to $140.! I don't think I'd use all the bells and whistles on the pricey ones. I'd appreciate any recommendation you can make based on your experience. Thanks Lovella. Blessings, Pamela

    1. Hi Pamela,
      We did a fair bit of research before taking the plunge in a high end blender and in the end decided to go with a Blendtec. You can find lots about it on Youtube including lots of demonstrations of them blending everything from soup to nuts..literally. I am really happy with it and am hoping I never have to buy another blender again.

    2. I've had a Blendtec for about 2 years now. They are awesome! And, I can honestly say our health has improved since we've started drinking smoothies almost every day!

  4. I'm with a new appliance! Enjoy that new blender...and all those smoothies...and the good company that goes with serving them up. My blender is part of my Bosch kitchen centre...and has always been up to any task. It is many decades who knows when I'll be in the market for another?

  5. I'm listening right now!! So much fun to hear your voices! Now, just wish I had a smoothie to drink while listening :)

  6. What a wonderful show - I really enjoyed it. It was inspiring! And so much fun for me to match the voices with the faces I've known from your blogs. Thanks so much Lovella - and all the MGs, for everything you do! I'm so looking forward to your new cookbook. xo

  7. I too really enjoyed the show!! Was so proud of all of you Mennonite Girls! :-)

  8. I saw that blender at costco and was really tempted! So glad you are all ready for paska, cuz before we know it it will be time!

  9. We have been having smoothies for along time...that's how we start our morning or even a mid afternoon snack. Who doesn't love new appliances? Just like a man with his new tractors and our appliances are only a small percentage but bring us tons of joy.
    What kind of smoothie is on your menu for tomorrow?

  10. I should make more smoothies! Often times too lazy to get out that blender and take it all apart to wash later. =) Really? Time for a resolution.

  11. Like you, I would squeal with delight at the sight of a new blender with smoothie option!


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